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    Name:Lennon Greigar
    Superhero Name:Limelight
    (Hero Only) Heroism Points 0

    AppearanceTall,kind of skinny girl with long brown hair that drapes over her shoulders. Lennon has big brown eyes and wears glasses,which are a metallicy-pink color,signaling her bad eye-sight. She normally wears her hair so that her bangs are brushed to the left side of her face,with her hair falling freely around her shoulders. Other times she wears it in a ponytail. Her normal attire is consistent of a dark red long-sleeved tee-shirt with a white tanktop underneath,and a khaki skirt that comes down to her knees. Her shoes range from white-and-pink tennis shoes to a pair of cute black boots. She has a small half-heart pendant on a silver chain necklace that says "Love" in small black letters. Almost constantly has a book in her hands,and is constantly made fun of for it. Her face is still child-like,if only a little bit,making her look younger than she is,and she doesn't wear make-up at all.

    CostumeBlack-and-yellow sweatshirt that comes down to her waist,with a pair of black tights and black boots complementing the strange outfit. The torso of her shirt is yellow,and the shoulders and sleeves are black. The collar comes to a v-point at her collar-bone and is also black. She wears her hair in a loose ponytail and has black goggles to cover her eyes. Her silver necklace she still wears,though she usually tucks it into her shirt so that only the chain is showing.

    PersonalityLennon is a little bit of a loner,very shy and unwilling to talk to others if she can avoid it. She has a habit of getting nervous when others talk to her,and fingers her little heart pendant nervously. She also blushes. A lot. So she doesn't have many friends. She loves to escape to the calm of the books she reads near constantly,and can frequently be heard humming a tune absently while she reads. Also loves to sing and write poetry. Yearns to help people,has a kind-heart,and is easily upset. But while in her hero-costume,she seems to have new-found confidence and can be a little bit cold. Prefers the use of Lightning-based powers.

    Has a country-like accent from growing up in the small city of Kannapolis,and loves country music as well as rock-and-roll.

    OriginMandork asked me to on another website. :3

    HistoryBorn as a small-town-girl,Lennon hasn't known much socialization. But when she was younger,she was more out-going and made many friends,one of whom gave her her necklace. But then she moved and became isolated and quiet,not knowing anyone at her new school and not attempting to make new friends,convinced that no one would like her because of her obsession with books. And she was partly right. Boys picked on her because she was "nerdy" and others just plain avoided her whenever possible. Whenever she tried to strike up a conversation with anyone,they would find an excuse to get away so they wouldn't have to hear her talk about books. So she doesn't try anymore. When the e-mail was sent to her,she ignored it at first,thinking one of the boys from school had found her e-mail address somehow and was playing a prank on her. Eventually,she got curious enough to look at it and was astounded that they had chosen her to be a super-hero. Then she made her mind and joined,becoming LimeLight.

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    Approved. Limelight. *snickers*

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