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    Cody Bates;Phoenix Empty Cody Bates;Phoenix

    Post  Lennon on Sat Jan 16, 2010 7:35 pm

    Name:Cody Bates
    Superhero Name:Phoenix

    Appearance:Cody is a rather average height at around 5'4. She is thin and has long,slender limbs. Her face is rounded and child-like,with a gently sloping nose and rounded off cheek-bones. She has long,blond hair with dirty blond highlights that frames her face,and her bangs hang just above her eyes,which are a clear blue. Fair skin,not quite tan but she isn't vampire-pale,either. Whenever she gets embarrassed,she blushes a soft pink,which highlight her features.

    She normally wears whatever she can find,which is typically a tee-shirt and tight,bell-bottom jeans. In cold weather she has a favorite shirt;it looks like a long sleeved white shirt underneath a black tee-shirt with the words 'Rock & Roll' printed in white over her chest. Another one of her favorite outfits is a dark orange tee-shirt with black sleeves and a black heart and cut-off jeans. Faded black tennis shoes complete her outfit.

    CostumeTypically a full-body suit that is dark-red with black boots. Wears a red mask with holes for eye sockets covered with a mesh-like material so she can see. Black gloves.

    PersonalityCody is mischievous and playful,and she loves to play pranks to try and gain attention. A real tom-boy,she loves going fishing and playing in the dirt,and dislikes dressing up in frilly outfits or shopping. Although she hasn't escaped the girlish trait of talking. A lot.

    Cody also likes to sing,and can be caught humming a tune absently to herself whenever she's doing something. Can be rather cocky in a fight or out of one,and she is good at fighting hand-to-hand or mid-range combat. Her preference of powers range from fire-based powers to any offensive power.

    Classified as the type of person to learn through her body,she charges straight into a fight with a simple strategy in mind. Once she gets a feel of her enemy's weaknesses and strengths,she falls back and makes a more complete plan to fight back with. Also very determined,Cody will never give up,even if her arms and legs are ripped off. And she would die to protect her friends,who she is very loyal to. Can be classified as nice,but is upset and embarrassed easily. Not the smartest person in the world,and is very athletic. Uses her powers randomly,but can use them for good. She is deciding whether or not to be a hero or not.

    OriginShe heard about the website from a friend at school and decided to check it out.

    HistoryCody was born into a poor family,and at the age of five she was orphaned because her parents died in a fire. She learned how to take care of herself at the orphanage and was let into school,where she heard about from a girl who loved to gossip. The girl didn't believe in the site herself,but Cody was interested and decided to check it out. She joined instantly,gaining her super-hero name Phoenix from her liking of the fire abilities. Moved out of the orphanage into an abandoned house,where she fixed all the appliances and paid the bills and such. She got her driver's permit a month ago and can't wait for her license.

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    Fire-type! Approved!

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