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    Warrior Cats: The Revolution Is Here! {LB}


    Warrior Cats: The Revolution Is Here! {LB} Empty Warrior Cats: The Revolution Is Here! {LB}

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    Warrior Cats: The Revolution Is Here! {LB} Skulls_adpiclg

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    The agony...

    In a shaded valley shrouded by monoliths of stone, Bloodclan flourishes in tyranny and bloodshed, torturing captives while planning their next attack upon innocents.

    Factions of rogues are spreading into a network of evil, connecting with one goal in mind: prosper, at the expense of everyone else.

    The apathy...

    Riverclan suffers waves of civil war; Thunderclan and Sunclan bicker at their borders. The Tribes' entwined conflicts carry on in the midst of the harshest winter to strike the land in the elders' memories. Change may come, as clans and Tribes talk of crushing Bloodclan's stronghold. But they have to find them first...

    The ecstasy.

    Far away, a visionary kit who led a group of beaten-down prisoners to freedom knows a higher power exists, which most of her rogue society ceased to believe in: Starclan. She tells her people their ancestors will save them from a war of thousands.

    Her sister has already planned out all of their deaths.


    Warrior Cats the RPG is an AU roleplay open to all levels and all types. With between 150 and 200 members active daily, you'll always have someone to roleplay with. Our storylines range from the lighthearted and comical to dramatic and grim...cute kittens, death and more... And our staff as well as members are on hand daily to help you out and get you started!

    Join the revolution, loner...before it catches up with you. Wink

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