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    Sea Hounds [LB]

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    Sea Hounds

    Sea Hounds [LB] Piratescarib

    One hundred years ago, a great war raged. And in it, love bloomed its tragic tale. The Royal Prince of the Kingdom of Fox, his majesty, Elliot Chambers, met the girl of his dreams. He gave her his heart and soul in hopes of winning her love. Days turned to weeks, and soon even months flew by that he heard not a word from her.

    But then, clothed by shadows and armed with nothing but a dagger, a messenger came a-riding to the Prince's Castle. In his hand, he firmly clutched what would be the first of many letters. Love letters. Forbidden letters.

    The maiden was the lovely Princess of the Kingdom of Serpents, her highness, Lillian Blade. Little did Elliot know of her lineage until now. And he had stolen her heart. Now faced with the struggle to make a decision between his Kingdom and his lover, the Prince schemed a plan.

    They were to meet at least once every seven nights, high in the snowy regions of the mountains. There, concealed by height and fog, lied a cave. That would be their meeting place. Burrowed deep within the unruled lands, they were safe... For a time.

    For a little over a year, they met in their wonderful sanctuary. However, the people began to grow suspicious. Where were their rulers going every week? And in the middle of the night? Rumors because to bubble and rise to the heat of conversation.

    Soon it was decided among the people that they would gather with their bloodhounds and deerhounds and track down their Prince and Princess, whom rumor now had were traitors. It was on this night that they found them in their icy cave, deep within a chamber that would be named "Death Pit".

    They chased Elliot and Lillian until they were separated from one another. Elliot against the wall, Lillian in the center of the room. The Prince was captured and killed on the spot. He never knew what happened to his lover. Lillian was the first to discover Death Pit. A giant, round hole in the middle of the chamber, seemingly bottomless. It was life-ending to fall into it. This, unfortunately, was the awful fate of the lovely Princess.

    The people of both Kingdoms were proud with themselves, believing that they had just solved a great crime. But it didn't take them long to realize what they had truly done.

    In the months to follow, they learned how much they had depended on Elliot and Lillian. With the death of the Kings that came soon after their children's, the two lands were left without leaders. Some tried to take the throne, but none lasted. With two dwindling governments, they were forced to make peace.

    But that didn't stop the Pirates. One hundred years after the death of the thrones, the military was still attempting its lazy recovery. This was the perfect time for the Pirates to raid. And raid they did. Every town, every city, every forest and every meadow was seized and placed under Pirate control. The towns became a playground for drunks and criminals when they weren't on the water. These were the Sea Hounds.

    And soon, tragedy struck again. Another band of Pirates wanted the land. Lady Pirates. The Sirens. The two crews fought day and night, until the land was divided once again. The Sirens took the Kingdom of Serpents, the Sea Hounds the Kingdom of Fox. Fights still break out among them, but the battles have ceased.

    Civilians of the old Kingdoms still dwell in the lands, though their numbers are few. They tend to keep out of the way of the Pirate Bands.

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