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    Post  NN on Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:18 pm

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    [blockquote][blockquote]Neo Naruto is a canon-alternative board, with basis of canon history but different things happen here. We are quite unique and different from other RPG, here's our key features:

    + You are the star
    Main events are specially crafted to fit in your character instead of your character being just an ordinary participant in the event. You will feel like you are the main protagonist(or antagonist) in a story when it comes to the main event.

    + Flexibility & Freedom
    We are very free when it comes to customization, you are free to craft your own destiny and whenever you create something ranging from jutsu to weapon, the admin team will balance it(if needed) and put it into the game. You can create your own clan as well without much restriction at all.

    In terms of roleplay, we don't fix you on something. You can do whatever you want, make any decision you feel like making, you can choose to abandon your teammate or betray your friend. You don't have to play along what the admin planned, do some unexpected thing and the admin team will play along so yeah, everything is possible. No pre-plan too.

    + One Board, Two Style of Play
    First, we have the Main Event, in which everyone on the board will participate. Everyone have their own line of story but usually a team will share the same line. In the main event, we use the common post-by-post type of RP.

    And then, we will have gap between each Main Event, in which you can write story, do mission and sometime, participate in some side event. This time, part of it is post-by-post type RP, on the other side u will write story, either alone or with partners to earn EXP, jutsu and etc.

    Others include:

    + In-depth stat system
    + Friendly community
    + Storyline and Plot focused RP
    + Your character on the next banner[All on the banner are PC or NPC][/blockquote][/blockquote]
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