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    • A new RP experience, a brand new story line and the chance to further your character development. Maybe it's time your character started university or moved to a higher grade? Time for a change of venue?

    • Balanced stat system, putting members on a more even base and focusing on a logical system of EXP gain.

    • Transfer friendly! Everything transfers, and your story line continues!

    • Active and dedicated staff. We're always up to something, giving the members a chance for a ton of fun goodies!

    Advent Hall was recently established and opened for the world of education and higher learning. The number of schools taking in "problematic" students under the act of Corporal Punishment, the only schools able to handle students such as these, was dwindling to an alarming level. The number of youth without proper post secondary education was disgustingly high. A solution was needed to help get these students back on track and integrate them into society as outstanding citizens.

    For years, the city council and the school board were unable to settle on a solution. There were ideas, many ideas, but they refused to settle until it was nearly to late. Finally, with no other options, they decided that both secondary and post-secondary schools should be built together. This not only cut cost but ensured a watchful eye was constantly maintained on the “problematic” students. After pitching the idea and gaining the permission of the city council, a large plot of land was purchased on the outskirts of Chicago, to make their dream become reality.

    The schools filled quickly with students both young and old. Tension quickly grew amongst the university and high school students. Not only did the have to share the same campus together but gang relations became one of the biggest issues in the school. Fights amongst the students broke out, and Public high School #808 became known as one of the most violent schools in the city. The University students were unhappy with the bad reputation their school received thanks to the younger students and bitterness soon developed between the opposing sides. But under the supervision and methods of the figure heads, it seemed that peace has settle down... for now. Welcome to Advent Hall...

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