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    The Powers! (HERO&Villain Downloadable Powers)


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    The Powers! (HERO&Villain Downloadable Powers) Empty The Powers! (HERO&Villain Downloadable Powers)

    Post  Mandork on Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:31 pm

    List of Powers Available through

    • Duplication- A more complicated power that involves splitting the atoms of the user and multiplying oneself. The drawback of this power is that the clones cannot fight back and are only illusions.
    • Electric Manipulation- Gives the Downloader ability to create lightning and shoot it from their finger tips. Creating a potent projectile attack.
    • Energy Blasts- A projectile attack that forms a round (baseball-sized) weapon in the palm, that can be thrown to inflict damage on the opponent.
    • Energy Shield- A temporary orb will surround the Downloader, but if hit enough times it will deteriorate.
    • Flight- A generic power used for travel. Flight is one of the most important powers to download.
    • Fireballs- Another projectile power that burns whatever it touches and has a bit of force added with it.
    • Freeze Rays- The perfect weapon to use when you need to stop a Hero or Villain in his/her tracks.
    • Intangibility- The ability to phase through solid objects is a useful and tricky power to use, if you don't phase all the way through, you could end up stuck in between an object and die.
    • Invisibility- Total invisibility is achieved with his power, resulting in one of the best stealth powers available.
    • *Invulnerability*- Don't want to feel pain? This is the power for you.
    • Laser Vision- A projectile attack that starts from the eyes, able to melt objects and zap opponents away.
    • Mass Manipulation- The Downloader will gain the ability to manipulate their mass, from their normal height, to the size of the hulk, with muscles to match.
    • Memory Manipulation- A tricky power to use, that requires contact with the persons brain to activate. Using this the Downloader can completely erase a persons memory.
    • Mind reading- A power that allows the Downloader to read the minds of his/her enemy.
    • Mind control- Want an army of zombies under your control? Use this power and you can control a multitude of people at once.
    • Night Vision- A basic vision ability, that allows you to see in the dark.
    • Regeneration- A useful skill, once damaged, the user is able to slowly regenerate and heal his/her wounds.
    • Shape-shifting
    • Super-strength
    • Super speed
    • *Teleportation*
    • Water breathing
    • X-Ray Vision
      MORE TBA

    *Invulnerability- wears off after a few hits.
    **Teleportation- can only be used every thirty minutes.

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