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    Fellmoon's Villain, Gabriel Morningstar


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    Fellmoon's Villain, Gabriel Morningstar

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    Gabriel Morningstar (Updated)
    Gabriel Morningstar
    Lawful Neutral

    Gabriel has beautiful blue eyes and wavy blond hair. He is breathtakingly handsome, with unblemished skin, and a cocky smile. He holds himself as if he was nobility, and his eyes shine with hidden deeps. His voice is calm, relaxing, a voice of one that has been known to hold all he speaks too. His arms are always held open, he has the air of honesty about him.

    CostumeA mix of blue and white, with a blue cape, and calf high boots (also blue). Also has what looks like a large tear-shaped blue gem on the center of the chest area of the costume, with four smaller gem-like stones around the large gem.

    He is proud, and confidant in his abilities. He has few problems with hurting the woman he meets, and breaking their hearts as he feel they are of little true use. He is a charmer and womanizer, know for leading a girl on, for having her believe that she is wanted, and cared about. He is power hungry and willing to whatever is needed to take the evil from this world. But he is honorable and has some morals, and will also not harm or use the weak for his own gain or advantage. He feel that only fools need to condescend to dirty tricks to win, and will always give the hero a chance. He is convincing in his words and manner, able to bring many to his way of thinking, and loves having the heroes believe he is not the enemy.

    From a Warrior cats site, told about site by Izaberu.

    He was born by accident, and never did know his father, and as his mother was later raped and killed by a group searching for his father when he was 12 years older, Gabriel wishes to never meet him. He later adopted by a rich family, who were enthralled by his beauty and seeming innocents, not knowing he had been broken and scarred. He grow into a handsome and graced young man, all his wants and needs granted, he became the class president for every year of school he has had and in any club or group he joined he was made the leader, and is also an A student in every class. Everyone says he is destined for great things, and is the most popular guy in the schools he attended.
    Every girl wanted him, but what no one knows is his darker crueler side. Many girls fell for his charm, and later he left them drowning. In his pride and vanity, he cut off many that could have helped him heal. He is at times also extremely vicious in his dealing with others, and is willing to do just about anything to meet his goals. He wishes to destroy the evil in this world, and is willing to step on anyone and everyone that gets in his way.
    He has, but a few true friends, one is Michael the head of the school football team, who many call his second, and Isabella his official bodyguard, the one girl that has stuck by him since he meet her. Both are Villains like him, but for Isabella, it is more that she is willing to stand by him, be his anchor, and prevent him from going too far. She has had a huge crush on him since she was hired to guard him. Both are strong in their own way, and Gabriel makes great use of them, as he is physically weak and a bad fighter. Isabella makes good use of her abilities, and is the powerhouse of the two. Michael is the one that puts everything together, and is known for his speed. They make a group of three, and work very well together. Gabriel has made no advances with Isabella, as he feels she is of use, and does not wish to drive her away.

    Super Power: Voluntary Manipulator: He has powerful manipulative abilities, and by works by charm and persuasion, is able to convince just about anyone to do he will. He could be saying absolutely nothing of importance, yet gain devotion from others, but as he is also naturally smart and eloquent of speech, even the most unresponsive person finds himself drawn into his words.

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    Re: Fellmoon's Villain, Gabriel Morningstar

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