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    Thomas Sherwood! Empty Thomas Sherwood!

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    Name: Thomas "Tommy" Sherwood
    Superhero/villain Name: Private "Piglestine" Pig
    Alignment: Good, but he's a menace when he tries to help.
    Gender Mamalien
    Age: Seven
    Powers: Transformation: Thomas can turn into any animal that he's ever seen, book or not, and anything in his imagination. While in these forms, he can speak Engilish, and the language of whatever other thing he's turned into, but since he's young and still developing his powers, he can only grab certain words. Whenever he does change into things, no matter how normal it looks, it can only be slightly strange, holding a strangness that ios hard to place, and almost impossible to identify to the less poderful mind. Whenever he trnasforms his clothes change as well, turning into a collar or some other attachment to his person.

    Weakness: Thomas's weakness is this. If he stays in his form too long, because of his immaturity, he could revert to the primal instincts of that animal or creature, and simply lose himself, unknowing of his ability to change back, speak, or any other useful thing. He is also vary vulnerable, as he can become confused during, or after this happening, if he can come back from it, and disoriented, as well as afraid. If Thomas is sick, or extremely distressed, he can have difficulties with his transforming, and any ability he has can go wrong, and he might return normal at a random time, completely out of his control, and unable to turn back. Since he is only seven, Thomas isn't that strong, and can easily succumb to teasing or goading in some form, he can also be very gullable, believing that everyone has good intentions, and can easily fall victim to a trap.

    Appearance Thomas is a blonde, curly haired boy. His hair falls down to the middle of his neck, and about a centimeter over his eyes, curling upwards as they go down. His eyes are some shade of blue, a sort of light one, though, slightly darker than the average light blue. His attire is his school uniform, as he goes to a private school. A white shirt under a gray vest, with grey shorts and little shoes. Something very plain. He only does his little adventures after school, as his mo0ther doesn't want him running around with super powers and such.

    Costume Thomas's costume, if he does manage to escape his house to do something he shouldn't, is a pig suit, actually it's a piglet suit. He wore this for Halloween, as he liked pigs, and his mom wanted them to do a crazy farm theme. The only accessory he added to it was a little Air Force hat that belonged to his dad who called him private. So when he let him borrow the hat, with the pig suit, this costume was created, as well as his name.

    Personality Thomas is a nice, kid, doing things any kid would do, trying to have fun. He tries to play little games, and explored places with his own curiosity, which gets him in trouble. He is very impressionable, taking words and actions to heart, following the footsteps and actions of those he admires, almost like a little mime, and clings to that person, thinking them as a friend or a partner. He is facinated by things like space and scientific things, even if he doesn't know what it is or what is occuring in any way. He thinks they're funny cool things made specifically to entertain the masses.

    Thomas is angered or saddened easily by little teasing like namecalling or something as that, and can go into fits over it. He dislikes the idea of commitement, and girls, and doesn't actually enjoy being around them completely. He also has a little imaginary friend, a pig names General Pig, a sort of maifestation of his father, whom tells, or commands, him to do most things.

    History Thomas was born in Oklahoma, and is the younger brother of his twelve year old sister. She, along with their father, had powers of transformation. His sister's wasn't too strong, so everyone had expected the same from him and there has nothing that proved that he would be any different, so far. He discovered his powers at six as his mother constantly tried to get some kind of stimulace out of him to see if he really had powers, which she succeeded in finding. With the help of his dad and his sister, Thomas learned how to use his powers correctly, and not to use them blatantly in public. He tries as hard as he can in the little games they play to keep his power flowing as they should so he can become a strong little super powered kid and one day help people, but after he turned seven he though he was good enough, so he ventured off when he wasn't supposed to, and tried to help the citizens of Oklahoma, but he only seems to cause more havoc when he tries.

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