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    Real Name Michael Undermyre
    Alignment Neutral (leans to true toward Evil)
    Villain Name Surgyo
    Gender Male
    Age 17
    Appearance A tall young man, about 6’ 6”. With short brown hair, the bangs long enough to cover part of his face at all times, and brown eyes. He is handsome, but it is in a more rugged way, unlike Gabriel whose beauty is more flawless.
    Costume A streamline yellow jumpsuit, fairly basic and unadorned. The only markings are around the head and on the chest. Lightning bolts alone the sides of the head, and an S with a lightning bolt in the center.
    Personality As he comes from a more middle to lower class family, he has learned the importance of money, and how to be thrifty with it. Unlike Gabriel who shows little concern over what he spends his money on. So this is a matter contention between them. As is women, as Michael can’t understand Gabriel’s willing to just throw away the beautiful girls they meet. Michael himself is a skirt chaser and womanizer, but unlike Gabriel, he shows more respect and care towards woman. In many was he is greedy, caring a bit too much about money. He is only somewhat loyal to Gabriel, unlike Isabella. The reason he stays around and does what Gabriel says most of the time is because of the perks of being Gabriel’s friend, like the free travel, the girls Gabriel is able to get him, the free stay at hotels, exc. He is annoyed that Isabella is getting paid far more than him, purposely ignoring the fact she is Gabriel bodyguard and all. The way he sees it, right now, is that it is better for him to be potential vice-president of the world, then nothing at all. Also, if he is lucky, after Gabriel takes over the world (potentially), he may then later try and take it all himself, as he feels Gabriel’s wish to rid evil for the world is a waste of time. He also has a crush on Isabella but, as she likes Gabriel, he see her being oblivious to this. This is another thing that frustrates him is that Gabriel gets all the best girls, and he has to make do with ‘leftovers’. He is also frustrated at how Gabriel does things. Michael has ask, “Why don’t we just shot them and get it over with”, and Gabriel has answered, “But what is the fun in that, I wish to give them a sporting chance”.
    History Michael never had the easy life, before he discovered his powers, his family barely made ends meet. He had to do odd jobs at the age of 9. As he had three younger sisters, he learned at a young age to respect women, but that changed when his sisters each died of sickness, leaving him to care for his mother alone. After he discovered his powers, he was then able steal what he need, allowing him to care for his mother, and also go back to school. He was smart enough to catch back up to where he needed to be, and after he met Gabriel and Isabella, he has had it pretty good.
    Powers Electricity Generation and Manipulation, and Super Speed: Fairly basic, he generates electricity either by siphoning it from an electrical power source or by running. He can then use this power to either increase his speed or to use it to electrocute and attack his foes with high volts of electricity. His speed has been clocked to reach Mach 2, but this was only after siphoning and generating an immense amount of energy, also at such speeds he has extreme difficulty controlling his movements, thus forcing him to stop after less than two minutes of reaching this speed. He was utterly exhausted after stopping. As such he prefers lesser speeds, like 300 per hour, as at this speed he has near perfect control, and is able to actually use his powers effectively.
    Origin From a Warrior cats site, told about site by Izaberu.

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    Sure. Approved.

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