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    Real Name Isabella Jackson
    Alignment Lawful Neutral (Leans strongly to Good)
    Villain Name Pyress
    Gender Female
    Age 16
    Appearance She is a cute young girl with flaming red hair and emerald green eyes. She strangely gives off more of an innocent, rather then an evil, air, as she just don't have the look of a villain. She can be seen wearing either red of white, and likes wearing skirts.
    Costume A fairly form-fitting red costume, with a ruby egded with gold in the shape of a flame on the neck of costume. There is also an extra piece of cloth that hangs around the shoulders, and drapes to the center of the chest and back.
    Personality Isabella can be fairly hot tempered, and is very passionate about help Gabriel meet his goals. But she can get frustrated easily, especially when it come to her seeming lack of progress with gaining Gabriel’s affection. She is prone to jealousy towards the girls she is forced to watch Gabriel be with, and is willing to try and cause these girls trouble when she gets the chance. But at the same time she finds it disheartening to watch these same girls left in the dust, when Gabriel leaves them heartbroken. She is almost completely loyal to Gabriel, and takes her job as his bodyguard very seriously. She tolerates Michael, and also ignores his advances, by pretending she does not notice. She does not trust Michael completely, and is suspicious of his motives for hanging out with Gabriel, but also sees he is a reliable and much need ally. Much to her annoyance she is sometimes force to break any and all conflicts between Gabriel and Michael, and wonders if she is the only reason they work together. She has a love of art, willing to beg Gabriel to stop at the nearest art museum, or similar place. She is also a sketch artist, and also came up with the groups costumes.
    History She was orphaned at the age of ten, parents dying of mysterious circumstances. As she refused to be taken by the state, Isabella forced herself to live on her own. She never knew her father, and misses her mother dearly. She also never had any siblings, though she has secretly always wanted a sister. She thankfully discovered her powers early, which allowed Isabelle to protect herself on the dangerous streets. Later she was found by a kindly old lady by the name of Mary Jackson, who adopted her and gave Isabella her home. With hard work and help from Mary she was able to join the nearby high school as a freshman. It was there that she first met Gabriel. It did not take long before Gabriel discovered Isabella had superpowers, and offered her a place in his group. Not only that but Gabriel was able to convince his parents to hire Isabella has his personal bodyguard, and in so doing, helped Isabella pay off Mary’s many debts. Through these acts Isabella gained a hope for the future, gave her a purpose in her life, and her loyalty to Gabriel.
    Powers Pyrokinesis, Enhanced Strength, and Enhanced Endurance: By controlling the oxygen molecules in the air Isabella can cause fire to spontaneously ignite or she can also douse any oxidizing flame by altering the ionization potential of the outer electron shells of oxygen atoms.
    With her enhanced strength she is able to floor a foe three times her size, lift a car with one hand, and then use said car as a weapon. With her enhanced endurance, Isabelle is able to withstand the impact of a speeding car, and take most hits thrown at her.
    Origin From a Warrior cats site, told about site by Izaberu.

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    Reminds me of Phoenix... Approved.

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