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    Post  Mandork on Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:36 pm

    If you want to make a superhero here is the place to go, but this for Primes only, which are very few, and are often elderly. So keep this in mind when writing your bio. Remember too include your Civilian Name and your Superhero/villain name in the title. Also, get rid of the '*' before posting your thread, that should be obvious but... Ya know.

    [b*]Name:[/*b] (Self-Explanatory)
    [b*]Superhero/villain Name:[/*b] (Like Superman, but his real name is Clark Kent.)
    [b*]Alignment:[/*b] (Good? Evil? Neither? What the heck are you?!)
    [b*]Powers:[/b*] (This needs to be explained THOROUGHLY.)
    [b*]Weakness:[/b*] (All superheroes have a weakness, put that here.)

    [b*]Appearance[/*b] (Your basic appearance, when you aren't battle ready. If picture still add five sentences)
    [spoiler*][b*]Costume[/*b](Even the greatest of heroes need a fancy costume.)[/*spoiler]
    [b*]Personality[/*b] (At least a paragraph (five to seven sentences)

    [b*]History[/*b] (Include childhood, how you got your powers, how you mastered your powers, at least a good paragraph.)

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