Based on the bestselling book series by Andy Briggs


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    Thomas flew above the city of Oklahoma. He couldn't be seen with his small size,his blue feathers blending, though not well, with the sky. He gave a simple pump of his blue wings, keeping him aloft in the air. He looked below with his small black eye, almost like beads, and he scanned the floor below him. Everything seemed calm. He was going to help someone, he had to, it was his job! Tommy the Hero of Everything! Then everyone would love him! And everyone would be his friend! And he'd just be amazing! Maybe he'd even have a television show, like Superman! He tweeted with joy at the thought, swaying and twirling in his happy joy.

    He started to slow down and decend, getting dizzy by his happy dancing. He felt like he'd throw up, but he couldn't do that to the other citizens! He flapped his wings to go higher, desperate not to crash into one of the people. He kicked out his feet, feeling the tickle of the gray cloth around his leg as he still fell. Why was he falling? He was flapping, right? That's all he needed to do! He slowed down his beating to a more regular pace as he started to quit his endevour, but as soon as he did, he began to rise.

    Why? He couldn't understand, if he went slow, he flew, but if he went fast, he fell. It didn't make since. Airplanes went fast all of the time! And rockets! How come they didn't fall! He'd have to ask his dad when he got back, he knew everything. Once again, Thomas looked down at the people. He could barely see them, they were like ants! Or little dots. How was he supposed to know if one were in danger? He had to get closer. For the nice people! Like His neighbor Dolly!

    With quickness he flew down under the buldings, finding a nice, decorative tree to land on, it's leaves a nice green, the dirt under it harboring some trash; plastic, a cigarette, a napkin, used. He looked at the people, but everyone was so happy and calm, nothing bad was happening. There was no way he could be great without helping! It seemed like a lost cause. He chirped in his sadness. He wished someone would get in danger, it was a terrible thing to think, but why not?

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