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    Elli sat on a log, mossy at the ends. She let out a relieved sigh as a gentle breeze brushed past her, her hair following the breeze just slightly. Her hair was down and she wore her plain robe. She reached for her sword, I don't need this right now. she thought to herself. She placed it inside the hollow log, gently so that it lay inside the wood, protected from the elements. She took her bow off her shoulder and laid it against the log beside her.
    She heard a rustle and she snatched it back in her hands and pulled out an arrow, armed before she even knew what was happening. Her blue eyes flashed, now gold and a ghost silver. When she looked down at the arrow to see a stone flexed onto the end of her arrow, white and already fletched, a shimmer of white pushed against the surrounding bushes in front of her. "No need to be alarmed, it's just old Airgid." the white fox chuckled as his bushy tail followed him.
    Ellimint lowered her bow, the stone on the end of her arrow fell off and she placed her pointless arrow back in her quiver. "You can never be too careful." she smiled, keeping her eyes, now blue, on the bow that she was placing next to the hollow log.
    Airgid swished his tail, brushing some dry leaves, "Until you hit one of the only allies you have." he barked. Elli turned away from him, "Shall I start a fire?" she asked as she reached for some dry moss and a large stick she found beside a giant oak. She placed both on the ground, closing her eyes. She placed a hand on the wood and blew softly onto it. A small flame flew up beside her hand, greeting her face with warmth. "There."
    Airgid was sitting nearby, shaking his head. "You worry too much." he said.
    "I'm just starting a fire."
    Airgid looked at her hard "You never give yourself a break."
    She looked back at her canine companion. "The world doesn't take breaks Airgid, you know that better than I do." she glared at him, her eyes flickering back and forth from gold and silver to blue.
    "You should learn to keep your temper under control." Airgid scolded.
    "I'm trying Airgid, it's not that simple." she sighed, looking back at the fire. It had swallowed all of the moss and was eating away at the wood. She fed it some more logs, it gradually grew as she sat staring at it, her eyes as blue as the sea that was close by in the distance.
    Airgid sighed, "You'll learn." he turned away. "Where's Fuil?" he asked.
    "She's in the field, grazing. She has to eat too, you know." Elli answered.
    "Speaking of which, I should go get something for the both of us." Airgid turned, about to leave.
    "No, I'll get something tonight. It'll help me clear my head anyway." Elli stopped him.
    "If you want to." he stepped back. Elli stood up, moving away from the fire. "Thanks Airgid." she rubbed his snowy white head gently. Airgid couldn't help but push his head against the palm of her hand. She pushed through the undergrowth and moved into the woods to find her meal.

    Hours later, Elli struggled through the forest at dusk with the stag following her footsteps. The dead animal bloodied as she dragged it by his antlers. She crashed through the bush. "Dinner." she huffed as she sat heavily on the log. "Well done." Airgid congratulated as he tore through the animal with his sharp fangs. Elli pulled out her dagger and cut herself a small slab of meat. She poked a sharp stick through it and rose it above the fire, less than two feet away from it. "This pelt will do fine for a new canvas." She spoke, holding her head up with her arm propped up on her knee. "As long as you don't keep ripping it up as you are now." she growled at him.
    Airgid dropped his head, frustrated. "Do you have any better ideas?" he glared at the back of her head. Elli turned her head, digging the stick she held into the ground, holding it above the flames. "Sure." she answered, smiling. She reached for her dagger again and slit the deer's pelt. "Let me skin it first, and get the antlers." she spoke, in a matter of minutes she had the pelt in her hands and the antlers beside her. Airgid was ripping harshly through the exposed venison and she was happy to see that her meat was almost done. She laid the pelt beside her and picked up the antlers. "Do we need these for anything?" she asked Airgid, glancing over to the ghostly fox. "I don't think so." he answered through the meat in his mouth. "Throw them away." he shrugged, returning to the carcass. "I think I'll keep them." Elli smiled, thrusting them in a deer-skinned bag that sat beside her.
    She looked at her venison to see it was done, she ate it quickly and tossed the stick into the flames. She turned to the sky, seeing the moon in the air, just peeking out of the scarlet sunset. She picked up the deer pelt, "This'll have to wait until tomorrow." she decided, hanging it on a low branch. "I'll be back Airgid, I have to get Fuil." Airgid nodded, appearing absent-minded. He was still tackling the food before him.
    Ellimint hike up the hill into the green meadow, "Fuil!" she called, her hands cupped around her lips. The buckskinned mare trotted in the distance, closer to her. "Fuil!" Elli called, softer now. Her horse moved in slowly, gently padding up beside her. "Hey girl." she rubbed Fuil's cheek. "Let's go home." She pointed her finger down to the ground and Fuil awkwardly bent her front knees and Elli climbed onto her bare back. Fuil rose and carried her forward. Elli grabbed her mane softly and tugged it gently to where they should be going. "Home." she spoke. Fuil rode through the trees, leaping over logs in her way and ducking her head where the branches were low. Eventually, they reached camp and Airgid was laying by the fire, looking lazy. "Full?" Elli teased. "Quite." Airgid answered, smiling. Elli slid off Fuil's back, the horse towering over her. Fuil instinctively followed Elli to a large tree with many low branches. "I have to sleep, howl if anything happens." Elli called over her shoulder as she climbed into the tree, finding her soft deerskin sleeping blankets lying between a fork in the branches. She unfastened her belt, lying her dagger near where her head would lay and put her canteen beside it. She swung her belt around her and the tree, in case she would roll over. There was no way she'd fall out now. She looked up into the sky, now black and starlit. The moon was just about full, maybe two or three days away. Just another night in the woods for the Element Archer. Elli thought to herself, smiling at her own joke.

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