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    Ren Myst; Serenity


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    Ren Myst; Serenity Empty Ren Myst; Serenity

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    Name:Ren Myst
    Superhero Name:Serenity

    Appearance:Ren Myst; Serenity A3-1

    Ren is a very average-looking girl, medium height and slim. She has long dark brown hair (Lol most of my characters have long brown hair.) that reaches down to the small of her back. Her arms are slightly muscular, as well as her legs, because she does not want to look weak. Her clothes normally consist of anything she's found in her closet, really. But one of her outfits that she likes to wear is a pink-and-white striped tee-shirt underneath a denim jacket that is cut off just above her wait and a pair of jeans shorts. Normally wears tennis shoes to accommodate this.
    Costume:She practically throws this on whenever she downloads her powers. It's a tight-fitting blue jacket with a mask that covers her eyes. She wears a pair of black pants with this. As well as throwing on some makeup.
    Personality Ren tries to act rather indifferent to other people to hide the fact that she's a villain, and tries to mingle. But if you get on her bad side... Watch out. She'll make your life miserable. She can be rather cruel and angry, and she has an extremely short temper. This contradicts her Villain name, Serenity, but she doesn't care. She, honestly, just made up the first thing that came to her mind. In truth, she can be quite serene when she isn't angry, acting peaceful and polite. Even kind. But her personality disorder can wait for now. She's an extremely good informant, often dressing up in tight dresses to find out anything she can. If that doesn't work she sneaks into the target's house and either abducts them or a family member or steals the information, if she can find it. She's not afraid to kill, but she tries to leave her enemies alive. Her only response when asked why is, "What villain alive doesn't have an arch nemesis?"

    Origin:She was just surfing the web and she found it.
    HistoryRen was born like any other kid. With normal parents, in a normal city. She thought that life was almost perfect while she was younger, but it soon went horribly awry. Her parents divorced and had joint custody over their daughter, often taking her from one country to the next just for a short visit. She soon grew miserable and ran away at the age of nine to live at a friend's. When her parents finally found her and tried to take her back, she ran off again. Only this time no one knew where she was. In truth she'd gone to her aunt's and then moved out when she was fourteen to live in an apartment under a false name and age. This is where she found her dog, Raimaru, as a puppy, abandoned in an alleyway. She took pity on the poor creature and gave him a home. He's now a three-year-old Akita Inu who is almost never seen without Ren.
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