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    Post  Mandork on Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:44 pm

    If you want to be a Downloader (a TEEN who downloads their powers off the internet, fill out this form.)

    [b*]Name:[/*b] (Self-Explanatory)
    [b*]Superhero Name:[/*b] (Like Superman, but his real name is Clark Kent.)
    [b*]Alignment:[/*b] (Good? Evil? Neither? What the heck are you?!)
    [b]*](Hero Only) Heroism Points[/*b] 0 (Heroism points are what you get for doing heroic deeds, such as stopping a robbery. The more you do the more points you get, and the more powers you can download at one time. You start out with '0', and as you perform more and more missions, your Heroism points will go up. At '0' you can only download two powers at a time.)

    [b*]Appearance[/*b] (Your basic appearance, when you aren't battle ready. If picture still add five sentences)
    [spoiler*][b*]Costume[/*b](Even the greatest of heroes need a fancy costume.)[/*spoiler]
    [b*]Personality[/*b] (At least a paragraph (five to seven sentences)

    [b*]Origin[/*b] (How did you find or You can be sent an e-mail, or stumble upon it in a freak storm, or maybe one of your parents is a prime. Something along the lines of that.)
    [b*]History[/*b] (Just a paragraph history at the least.)

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