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    Name: Ava(last name unknown to even her)
    Superhero Name:Star chaser
    [b*]Alignment:She stays to the super heros, but sometimes strays to the rouges a bit.
    Heroism Points:um 0...


    She has long brown hair with some braids mixed in. Under her sleeves she hides scars from cutting herself. She lives in a orphanage. She always looks inncocent. She roams the streets as a black cat with blue eyes. She hates being a human. Even though she has a perfect body with D sized boobs that are at a slow rate still growing. She is 5 ft 2 inches. She wears black always perfect platform boots.

    Staff is her weapon looks unpainful, but it hits deadly blows. Scars hidden under bandages.(She is a master of disguise)
    Personality: Not the nicest person ever. She lost all her memory from falling down a cliff. Cuase of this she often cuts her wrist area to free the emotional pain from her body. She enjoys pain, and the taste of blood. Yet somehow she still ends up fighting for good. She gets into many fights at school. Always in detention, and a straight F student. She is very smart finding ways to do almost anything. She loves loud music.
    Origin: She had been on her bed Listening to three days grace. Suddenly here music stoped. A deep voice, and a webcam chat appered. She could not see the person, he looked like a shadow. "Go to your e-mail now, and open a letter saying good luck" She remembered that voice from somewhere. "I don't know tou, but I remember you voice. I trust you" SHe said. Exiting from the webcam chat. She went to her e-mail opened the letter titleing good luck and appered and Joined than downloaded shapeshifter.
    History: Her father was a prime. She hated that. So she ran away. She started climbing a moutain. Never looking back. It started raining. She sliped tumbled down. She lost all her memory. It's been two months. since. 3 weeks ago she joined She named herself Star Chaser. She
    Hated haveing to be human. She decided on the power of shape-shifting. She Started to roam the japen streets of her home as a black cat. Since her accident, though she is smart, She is a straight F student. She shop-lifted before becomeing a super-hero.

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    Approved. Get to ropleplayin'!Very Happy

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