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    Akki Teisei Empty Akki Teisei

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    Name:Akki teisei
    Superhero/villain Name: Dark whisper
    Alignment: Neither(she just wants peace)
    Powers:Akki can turn in the elements. She can turn into fire, wind allowing her to go anywhere, she can turn into water, darkness, like a shadow even in the suniest of place, she can light up places in the darkest room, She can turn into earth and go anywhere. She can teleport and also has teleikinis.
    Her element powers can turn her into an angel when put togather.
    [Weakness: in element mode the oppisite element can hurt her. If to many thoughts are let into her mind she gets a horrible headache.

    Appearance: Akki Teisei Anime45

    She also wheres a ailver and gold gross a dismond in the middle..
    She wears a french maid drees with high stripped socks. She is often looking over her shoulder parinoird. her hair is dyed half pink half red. Her eyes are red from a pair of contacts. They are really a a violet color(this is possible.) She wears a straight face no matter what.


    (the red haired girl with angel wings)

    [b*]Personality[/*b] Dhe never seems happy, but she is always helping th e elderly. She is contantly hideing. She is always in the corner dureing school. She glares at everyone. She makes a fashion statement with her outfit to make herself seem different.She loves animals and is very good with them. All animals seem to love her.
    [b*]History[/*b] She was abused the moment she was born. She ran away at the age of 5. Takeing with her most prized posseion. A silver and gold cross with a diamond in the middle. She made her liveing by helping elderly. They always helped her and gave her food, money, and a place to stay for night. She started to live in a allyway behind a big store. She built a small cottage. A twin bed, and a small tv a tv attaena. She will often steal from stare she lives behind. she sells the stuff, to make money to eat. She also uses the money to go to school. She runs from the sight of her parents. She often had bruies when she was young. She had a light scare under her left eye form being cut with a knife. That is what made her deicide to run away.

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