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    [b*]Name:[/*b] Ashlyn horror
    [b*]Superhero Name:[/*b] purple flash
    [b*]Alignment:[/*b] [/*b] evil
    [b*]Gender[/*b] female
    [b*]Age:[/*b] 17

    [b*]Appearance[/*b] Ashlyn Blonde
    [spoiler*][b*]Costume[/*b.][ [/*spoiler].]Ashlyn Anime-35
    [b*]Personality[/*b] She is spunky, and never sad. She is always at punk rock concerts. She is often found cuaseing small roits. Never cuaseing harm to anyone. She hates haveing to follow rules. She bends them as much as possible to get past them.
    [b*]Origin[/*b] She was trying to get internet on her laptop oneday. She was haveing a hard time. She hacked onto a internet. when she internet exploer. She looked up something on google before her computer started acting odd going to sites she never heard of. Than is ended on Saved her allowance up than bought the power she found most appealing. Mind control. It allowed her to slip into people minds. she could her there thoughts and know there actions by connecting there minds waves. She can slip into there mind completly to control them. But it coast her conddicouness. She falls completly to the ground. What happens to the body she controls happens to her. If the body is killed she is severly hurt. Than to help her little problem of not being the fastest person and often cuaght in chases she downloaded super speed.
    [b*]History[/*b] Ashlyn always lived a good life. She was always happy. Popular, loved, a boyfriend jock. Than her parents deicided to move to europe. She lost all her friends. Lost her boyfriend and her crown of her school. She was depressed for months. Than went to school at her new country. She seemed to blend in to much she was the nobody. The populars hated her for her beauty and perfect blonde hair. She became a punkrocker. She bacame a somebody of the nobody. Her only haters the populars and jocks. She wore crown over most of the school. Warring constanly with popular kids.

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