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    Caleb Harlem (Titan- Downloader)


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    Caleb Harlem (Titan- Downloader) Empty Caleb Harlem (Titan- Downloader)

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    Name: Caleb Harlem
    Superhero Name: Titan
    Alignment: Good… Mostly
    (Hero Only) Heroism Points 0
    Gender Male
    Age: 13

    Caleb looks like an ordinary boy, he looks pretty average too. Normal black hair lying flat on his head. And not too good looks, but at the same not too bad. He has an upturned nose and wide dark gray eyes, with a strong chin. He almost looks like he doesn't want to be seen, and is usually not, always overlooked by somebody, making him the invisible bottom layer of the popularity scale. He's a pretty thin guy, who looks rather fragile in appearance. This makes it extremely hard to think of someone like him, being a Downloader.

    Caleb has hardly any muscles at all, and his pale olive skin tone (his dark hair only making him look paler), makes him look extremely weak.

    Costume Caleb was never into the whole costume scene, it just seemed... Ridiculous to dress up like a fool and save the world. But reluctantly he did it anyway. His costume is a black Venetian masquerade mask, with a long sleeve black shirt. Around his waist is a silver belt, it's buckle in the shape of a lions head. And he wears baggy black and gray camo pants. Not the most creative costume, but it works for him, and keeps his identity as secret as possible.
    Caleb is a complex child, he’s mostly secluded and has almost no skills in conversation. But when he becomes a hero, he’s a completely different person, he’s as flashy as can be, and doesn’t care what he does as long as he has fun. Though back in his normal form, he’s clumsy, and sensitive, not having much friends, and when he does have friends, a single insult can send him in a crying spree. When he wants to be he’s quite intelligent, but often lazy when it comes to school or say, stopping a kidnapping. He doesn’t have much loyalty to his friends, and if his hide is in danger, he’ll zip right out of their in a second. But just because he doesn't want to get hurt doesn't mean he doesn't have a sense of justice, if it's someone he truly cares about, he won't let them die on him. No matter how close he is to dying. Like most teens, when downloading powers, he usually just picks the coolest looking one, and not based on what his mission is.

    OriginMade Site
    The Downloader, Caleb was born in Michigan, his father being a Prime (Still living off of the riches of being in the hero biz) and his mother being an artist. This above middle class family gave him opprotunities that most other kids had never had in their life. Though instead of being thankful for it, Caleb just wanted more.

    Caleb came from a family of primes, his father was a Prime, so was his grandfather and grandmother, and so on and so on. But when his father married a non-prime woman, his pure-blood was ruined. Resulting in him not having superpowers. Because of this, his father secretly sent the web address to to him, not expecting that Caleb might just abuse these gifts that were given to him.

    Caleb could be described as a spoiled brat, he was given everything he could of ever wanted as a child. Toys, video games, money, whatever he wanted. Though people began to resent him because of this, it wasn't his fault his parents were rich. But they still blamed him. This only made it harder for him to try and make friends, and he eventually gained a timid demeanor. But he didn't get over it, and actually begged his parents to become home-schooled by a tutor. Which made him keep closer to himself instead of talking to real people.

    These secluded thoughts were one of the deciding factors in his becoming a superhero. His father showed him the website and he was entranced by it's appearance. Though just a tad skeptical. In his father's growing age, he passed the mantle to his son and he gave him his superhero name. Titan. Though Caleb began to think of a better way to use these powers. Maybe he could gain a little even though he was fighting for the good side. And so began his good and evil streak. At least behind the mask he could do what ever he wanted.

    Caleb instantly adapted to the idea of having superpowers, he used them for good and evil, but mostly for his own monetary gain. Though he did help people... When it suited him. And wasn't too happy with his exploits being censored by the revered Enforcers.

    ((Crappiest History... EVER))

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