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    Claire Miller

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    Post  Ellimint Saig Deoir on Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:40 pm

    Name: Claire Miller
    Superhero Name: None
    Alignment: Niether
    Age:14 Years

    AppearanceClaire Miller Untitl11
    Costume(Even the greatest of heroes need a fancy costume.)
    Personality Claire keeps to herself, her alone knowing of her powers. She acts like she's just a regular 14 year old, though she is very secretive and shy. She doesn't talk much and tries not to run into somebody who would talk to her.
    Origin Born in raised in America. She sneaked onto her computer one night, when everyone was fast asleep and downloaded the powers. She can tell the future in her dreams, usually waking up in the middle of the night gasping for air and breaking into a cold sweet.
    Somehow, she also acquired the power to create any object she says, when she puts her mind to it. It proves useful when she forgets a pencil for class. She mysteriously also has the power to read minds when she touches the creature's mind, anything from mouse to human. She can communicate with anything and understand every language fluently.
    Strangely, she can also teleport her and anything else she wanted to. To move something from any location in the world and bring it somewhere else, or to go somewhere else with barely a blink of an eye.
    Of course, she has no idea she can do any of this. All but the dreams. Something in her genes must have triggered when she downloaded the future seeing powers.

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