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    [b*]Name:[/*b] Gentian Bás Deoir
    [b*]Villain Name:[/*b]Silent Gun
    [b*]Alignment:[/*b] Evil
    Powers: Gentian can control the elements, anything. Water, air, earth, water, even metal. He can move it, shape it, do whatever he wants.
    His other power is to master any skill he chooses to. Archery, like his sister, Elli, marksmanship with guns, robbing, killing, fighting. He can do whatever he pleases.
    Weakness: The only weakness Gentian has is that of loosing his own fortunes. He is a hired gun that owns a major weapon factory. Using his bright mind, he created a more powerful bullet, allowing a farther shot. He developed a brand new gun to go with it.

    Appearance This 15-year-old stands at 6'1", prematurely reaching his full height. He weighs in at 125 lbs. His broad shoulders and highly fit body help him with his life career, killing. He has short, brown hair, cut in short layers. He keeps it brushed back to help keep him looking professional. He might look like your average guy in a monkey suit, but he is very fit, very strong, and very quick. He exercises every day and keeps his muscles fit.
    His cheeks are lightly freckled and barely noticeable. His eyes are a bright blue unless he is using his powers in some way, like his sister. But unlike her, his left eye turns into the color of Bloodstone and the right takes the color of bright amber, almost like copper.
    Costume(Even the greatest of heroes need a fancy costume.)
    Gentian Bás Deoir Boys_Tuxedo_With_Tie
    He wears a black tuxedo, and always likes to keep things formal.
    Personality Cunning. That's the first word you should know about Gentian. This young man uses his bright mind to get what he wants in life. He doesn't care for anyone else and is quite selfish, and greedy when it comes to money.
    He uses well thought through strategies and plans to scheme forward and trick his opponents, if he doesn't kill them first.
    History Gentian was born with his powers, trained by his father. From the start he was raised to be a killer, carrying on the family business. But he grew power hungry and restless and killed his family. All but the twin he didn't know of, Elli. He murdered the man who had taught him the ways of the gun and how to use his mind before his brawn to get his objectives done, his grandfather.
    After doing such, he moved to America and became a billionaire, owning a gun factory. Now he silently waits as he accumalates enough weapons to take over the world. He hires secret soldiers and has them trained in secret lairs all over the world, though he is smart enough to know not to train them as well as he was.

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