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    Shiro kitsune and a fox named rose


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    Shiro kitsune and a fox named rose

    Post  Chaseingstars on Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:17 pm

    Name:Shiro kitsune
    Superhero/villain Name: none
    Alignment: good
    Age: 17
    Powers: shapeshifting into canines
    Weakness: well he ai't made of steel


    Costume:doesn't have one
    Personality:He is a sweet loveng guy but ain't much of a talker. He had deep bonds with his loved ones and hates those who hurts them.
    history: He had a good life. Went to school with his friends, and saved the day. He always had fun teaseing his sister since she had no powers. Though when she got in truble he would protect her with his life. The one time he couldn't protect her is when sh ran away. He blamed himself so he hacked her computer and sent he the message to the sight. Hopeing she would get powers so she would be able to protect herself.

    age:1 year
    ( yes with all the epic crap)
    personaity: happy, peppy, bubbley, and all togather hyper over active, and completly loveable, and pretty much never sad.
    history: Argird younger sister, she ran away when argird leftnot wanting to be withot him. So she ended up in town and since she looked different they sent her to japan. Than she got sent to the island where elli and ava are,

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