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    Nicodemus & Avira Fateen

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    Nicodemus & Avira Fateen Empty Nicodemus & Avira Fateen

    Post  Ellimint Saig Deoir on Sun Aug 29, 2010 12:09 am

    Name: Nicodemus Fateen
    Age:13 Years Old
    Weakness: Girls, he gets rather nervous around females.
    Appearance Nicodemus & Avira Fateen Tumblr_l7johhKmQf1qbox45o1_1280
    (Not as girly looking...)
    He is fit, but he tends not to be the athletic type. He's strong and fast, his limbs long. He keeps his hair neat most of the time and is careful about his glasses.
    Personality Nick is quiet and keeps to himself, only talking mainly to his friends. He defends himself when he needs to, he's a classic boy when it comes to brawling.
    Other than that, he likes to spend his time outside, sketching the nature around him. If he considers anything beautiful in his eyes, you could find it in his sketchbook.
    He is quite talented in Science and might possibly become a doctor when he goes off for college.
    History Grew up in in a nice neighborhood. His parents raised him fine and he went to school with normal kids. He was constantly picked on by his older sister, but he doesn't mind.

    Avira Fateen
    Age: 16 Years Old
    Weakness:Science, she's no good at it.

    Appearance:Nicodemus & Avira Fateen 124551201893595737

    Personality:Avira's a bit of a show off, but means no harm by it. She loves to play instruments, she can play pracitcally any thrown into her hands. She'll play any chance she can, and she can show her friends without a single problem of being nervous.
    She might like classical music, but sometimes a little voltage makes everything sound nice. Her favorite electric instrument is the electric violin, she spends almost all of her time playing it when she's at home. She make all sorts of chords with it.
    She nice to people, but she's like a cobra if she has something against you. She won't give warning, she'll just strike. She can fight just as well as her brother.

    History:*looks at Nicodemus's* Yeah...

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