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    The First and Most Better Bio.

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    The First and Most Better Bio.

    Post  General Pig on Sun Jan 10, 2010 9:00 pm

    Name: Aldéric Apollinaire Lacroix

    Supevillian Name: Sprint

    Gender Male

    Age: 16 (they're always sixteen *sigh*)

    Appearance Aldéric is a brown-haired caucasion male. He isn't too short, and he isn't too tall. He's about... average, as average as average can get. He's 5' 10'', to be exact. Even at his age, Aldéric had not yet grown any facial hair. It frustrated him, and still does to no end, but he find his way past it.

    Aldéric isn't too big on picking out any clothes in particular. He usually grabs whatever he has in his closet without second thought. He might be seen in a T-shirt with jeans, and he may be seen in a light pink shirt with thin white stripes. It was completely random and unpredictable. Sometimes, he wouldn't even wear clothes that actually matched, but he never actually cared.

    Traditionally, he wears black and white sneakers, but sometimes he's rather wear some nice sandals.

    Costume Aldéric supervillian costume is very simple. What he does is take one of those nice, black bandana you find at the gas station, and styles it just so to wear over his mouth (or his nose... wherever). As well, he wears fingerless, black gloves. He also wears a red hood (and it's one of those special ones that has short sleeves the stops at the shoulder or whatever), under that he just has on a regular white t-shirt, sometimes a shirt.

    PersonalityAldéric, as calm as he wants to be, can't keep his cool. He unfortunately, has "problems" with anger managment. He thinks he can control himself just fine, but of course, his parents don't agree, so six days a week, he goes to an appointment to learn how to control himself. No matter how much he does, though, nothing has improved, and he has only seemed to get angrier. It seems like any simple comment could flare him to his highest peek, and when it does, he has a silver tongue. The only way he can find to calm himself is some good ol' destruction. One of his favorites are those random explosions on bulindgs, a trademark of his. And explosion usually gauruntees his presence.

    Aldéric is a very confident teenager. When he sets his mind to something, he goes through it, and he does it knowing he'll succeed in it. Why wouldn't he? He has the skills for it. Besides, he was a lot more competent than these other "villians" that run around here.

    Okay, yes, he has a superiority complex, but he isn't that annoying about it, and keeps to himself about his opinion, wanting to hear an idea of someone else and even seeing it through before he actually gave his idea. So, yeah, somebody could get captured or whatever, but that wasn't his problem, now was it?

    Aldéric, as proficient and as superior as he may be, can be a slacker. He's lazy to any task that doesn't have his immediate interest in mind. It doesn't even have to be something he doesn't like or doesn't want to do, he'll just get lazy and put it off for a couple days, adding the the second fact that he's a procrastinator, constantly sending any work in late, or getting a job done a week after expectation.

    This sixteen year old teenager on the wrong path, as some may say, is a little bit of a sadist. He enjoys the pain of others or other things, and would gladly cause some of that pain himself. Now, that doesn't mean make life a big ball of crap for every person he meets just to get a smile on his face, no, he's not a full sadist, though, he is enough to make it obvious. Many friends have joked with him saying he would become a serial killer one day, and parents, teachers, as well as that pestering shrink he goes to have only said it in disappointment.


    History was born in Orléans, France. He was born with his older twin brother, Toussaint Christian Lacroix on October 19th, 1993. The two brothers lived in France till they were five before they moved to Sydney, Australia. There their parents made a living by selling meat from cattle, milk, vegetables, and the wool of sheep. Yes, they were farmers, and even with the problems of drought, water security, climate change, and biosecurity, they made a good living.

    Aldéric was homeschool for most of his time in Australia. At the age of ten, his parents gave he and his brother the option of continuing to be homeschooled, or go to public school. Aldéric chose to go to public school while Toussaint decided to be homeschooled, believing he'd have more leisure time if he did, and it'd be much easier than public school. In his days at school, Aldéric learned to speak fluent English, and acts as an interpreter for his parents and brother, since they had not taken the time to learn English.

    After this, Aldéric doesn't have much of a history. He was the everyday cliche kid who got into some trouble in his school days. He wasn't known as the school bully, but he had his fair share of time throwing a couple swings at that nose-picking, short kid from Math class. He heard of from the ongoing gossip that went around school. Of course, no one believed it, c'mon, it's impossible to download a "super power", this wasn't science fiction. Aldéric got in a debate with one of his friends about it, the fact of the logical and illogical aspects of the whole problem. The discussion was short lived, as he soon got angry and made a bet with his friend that he'd find the site and prove that it was all a bunch of dribble.

    At his home he quickly Googled the site. He opened the link, and quickly looked through the site. Well, needless to say, he found the possibilities of the site completely true. Though, the newly known, proved a problem, since he seemed required to eliminate them as well. He did it anyways, all he had to do was fend off a couple "good" guys and he could do most anything he wanted, right?

    Sooner or later the buzz over died in the school, and all it is is a pretty distant memory, no one explored the new phenominon, and if they did, they never told a soul.

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    Re: The First and Most Better Bio.

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