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    Post  Chaseingstars on Sun Aug 29, 2010 12:23 am

    name: angel tomko
    power:fights like chuck noris
    weight: 70 pounds(she feels light as a feather)
    look: she had double d boobs with a big as and big hips she has curves and wears sexy teacher glasses, with black cat eye liner and bloodred lipstick.

    costume:she also wear fishnet tights, a pistol strapped to each hip, and a black silk garter belt on her let mid tight with a dagger tucked in it. She also wears stileto heels.
    angel tomko Anime_girl-2

    personalighty:She had asadistic humor, and loves partying. She ejoys fightign and killing, and loves haveing fun, she is a good girl to hang wiht when you get to know her.

    history:Knowing genitian since she was young she is rather close to him. She is his head bodygurad and leader of his assain squad made up of 50 men. They are trained well but not as good as her. If a job is not completed the man is killed. but she hates being serious so she goes out and parties often.

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