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    Rosuto and Hukuro


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    Rosuto and Hukuro Empty Rosuto and Hukuro

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    Name:Rosuto (meaning lonely and she has no last name)
    Age: 3
    Powers: Has a raven with red eyes that speaks human he can put what he sees into her head so she can see where she goes, she is also very good with fighting and a katana. she can run very fast she can manifest things out of air. Her katana can manifest into two other forms. Hre swrod is all black but a gold dragon on it.
    Weakness:is blind

    Appearance: He long brown hair to her knees, with silver hilighting and under layers. Her bangs to her nose and so thick you can't see past them. She has bandages around her eyes and under layers of hair so that it is unseen. She is 5'2". She wears a long sleeved that got over her hand. Her dress goes to her knees, It is red with black stripes. Over that she wears a black baggy spaghetti strap tank top to her waist. She wears tall red socks to her mid tigh with black platform boots. Her body is regular. She has pupiless icey soft blue eyes. With a sodt green. She is also very small and fragile looking.

    Personality:She is rather quiet and hates the world. She hates people looking down on her but if you become close to her she will protect you forever.

    History: She was created in a experimant lab by a rather dementaed man. He was useing a soul of a dyeing person to create a perfect human. The soul used to make her went blind the momment she was made. In the end she was made blind and killed her creator. Than left. She is only a few years old, but knows alot of things. Sadly this man made it so it would take more to kill her than a normal person. Other than that she is immortal.

    Name: Hukurou(owl) Ichimaru
    Alignment: Neitier
    Powers: Is very good fighter and is good with a katana. Is very fast. she also has a crystal that can turn into a big black wolf the size of a horse to fight along side her. and has the abilaty to create arrows from a bracelet on her arm, and can transform into a girl with cat ears and tail made from her necklace(more in apperance) is a vampire. She can manifest her sword. Sword is silver with a blue hilt. it has blood staind on the edge that cuts.
    Weakness:an be flirty but other than that has a strong bloodlust

    Appearance: She has firey red hair, and black eyes. THe bangs get longer going over her right eye. She has a black hairband seperateing her bangs and hair. HEr hair goes to her mid-tigh. She has big breast(only becuase of the pic i have to use on the computer to edit he into my carrie.) the rest of her is typically normal. She has a sad look always in her eyes. She has a bone like chocker necklace around her neck. On it is a crystal that is emrald green and it can be taken of an don at will. When transform her katana diappers and her necklace becomes a cat tail and ears. The teardrop crystal goes onto her left ear and hangs there on a wire. She does have fangs.She wears a metal bracelet that has a cross on the inside of her wrist it had chains on it and loops on it and the cross hangs from it. She wears a black shirt that is like a low cut tank top, it has a white tank top under it. It is a bit tight. It has a long baggy sleeve that starts at the shoulder and is connected at the armpit. It is tight at the shoulder than gets baggy itgoes to her knees. The shirt goes to under her butt. She has a black skirt to her mid-tigh, she has white tight shorts under it. She has knee high white socks with a lace up white pair of flats. They lace to her knees. She stands at 5'11"

    Personality: She is rather hyper, and love teaseing her other friends. Her best friend rosuto. She is always happy and haveing fun, but in battle is very bloodthirsty and never looses, and always kills her oppenet if it is not a harmless spar.

    History: Was born to a happy family that was killed by a assassin. At the age of five she fell of a cliff and almost died, but was turned into a vampire. She returned to life but her soft pin eyes where now black, and at nigth she had to hunt for blood. She became best friends with Rosuto, and now her bird helps her find prey.

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