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    Post  Ellimint Saig Deoir on Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:33 pm

    Water flowed through her veins, a fiery type. It chilled her, but it pained her flesh at the same time. Ellimint struggled not to wince, it would bug her sore muscles, make her body ache more. They had finally reached land, the raft was wrecked, but everyone was there. Or at least, it seemed that way.
    She leaned against Fuil, loving the mare more and more. She was so grateful that her horse was able to be brought back. It sent hope surging back through her body. She could save the world. She could do it.

    Grunting and groaning, the young man forced himself to stand. Things had to be done. They had to get to America. They had to stop Gentian. He had to get Akki. Growling to himself, Kisho stepped forward, his legs feeling like two pieces of licorice, but he kept moving. "Let's go." he called, his voice somewhat faded. He was happy the fact that he was soaking wet hid his sweat.

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