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    The Plot! (The Never-ending Struggle)


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    The Plot! (The Never-ending Struggle) Empty The Plot! (The Never-ending Struggle)

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    Creation was created after World War II by Commander Courage, World War II signaled the genocide of the primes. Villains had begun to pinpoint superheroes and kill them, and as their numbers decreased, Commander Courage developed a grand idea. If Primes were dying, they would need a new breed of superheroes to take the mantle when they had all perished. And so, he created (see below for details). But then came a dilemma, how would they keep people from finding it, who aren't suited for the lives of a hero. And so they decided to keep it... Secret, for the most part. But how would they find suitable heroes? It was decided that to enter the site, a special link must be sent by a prime to this person. And it worked out pretty well! With only minimal betrayals, and from those betrayals, came Diablo Penitentiary (see The Places thread for details).

    Villains were not too happy about this new website to Download superpowers, and they decided that they needed to keep their advantage in the battle against good. And so, people who had designed stole the design, and sent it to the Villains, who then changed it to Using the website they used it to create their own Council of Evil, they then quickly turned the usual wild attacks of Villains into organized crime, and requiring warrants to commit this crime. Quickly, it became clear that the competition between and, was escalating, and with no clear end in sight.

    Game of Life (In Progress)
    The evil baby named Akago has a new plan to unveil. He plans to control the world of superheroes and supervillains by eliminating their powers all except his own. Don't let his appearance fool you, this baby is armed and dangerous. He no longer fights on the villains or the heroes but now his own agenda with an army of mechanics at his side. You think you can beat him? Should be like taking candy from a mad-evil, slightly psychotic baby. is a website designed by the few living Primes (people born with Superpowers) it was designed to give superpowers (extracted from the Primes who donate their powers) to eager young teens who will help defend the world. Over the website users (called Downloaders) are able to 'download' powers off of the internet. These powers are represented by iconic stick figures that only need to be clicked on for the powers to be downloaded. Though at the beginning a Downloader can only download a single power, but once more Heroism points are achieved (through doing heroic deeds though if these deeds are failed, points are deducted and Downloader's must pay to get their powers again) The more points gotten, the more powers able to be downloaded. The Anti of, and a direct rip off of it too. Designed by rogue Superheros that have turned from the good side and stolen many of's download-able powers, making the powers slightly less potent than's. is much more like a business than a random bunch of super powered villains fighting for dominance. And permits must be achieved before evil deeds are committed, and a portion of the money gotten must be given to Though the powers for are free, only if you follow the rules of and perform all necessary actions before the Downloader's on this site are able to use the powers.

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