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    Darius Reynard Fletcher

    Superhero Name:
    Copy Cat

    Lawful Good


    Twenty Seven

    Ability Replication; Darius possesses the ability to mimic or copy other peoples abilities through physical contact. He is able to copy the victims power while the person feels no pain either physically or mentally, his ability will also allow the person to keep there power so in other words, Darius is simply borrowing a persons power for a certain period of time.

    The drawback to this amazing gift is that Darius is only able to gain another's power by touching them, either skin to skin or skin to clothing. As long as he comes into physical contact he is able to mimic the persons power immediately. Another down side to the ability is that it takes time before he can fully master the ability he has replicated, for example if he had just copied the ability to fly then it will take several attempts before he can finally take flight into the skies. However, if he has mastered a copied ability before then he will be able to copy the same ability and use it without hassle.

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    Darius currently stands at six foot three inches combined with a healthy weight of one hundred and sixty nine pounds he is able to stand with a perfect stature. Being at the age of twenty seven he tends to have a concious on how big the muscular side of his body is, thus he tends to work out either at home or on the equipment at the gym trying to maintain a socially accepted amount of muscles. His head holds short brown hair which he will either keep flat or spiked up. He managed to collect his mothers gene of brown hair while his fathers being blonde, it will be rare to see his hair in a bed head fashion as much like his muscles he'll remain self concious about his whole body. His eyes are a light brown caramel colour, a strange effect that his eyes have on others is that whenever others stare into his eyes they will tend to be somewhat creeped out as his eyes are rather large then the average persons eyes. Whenever facial hair is located on his face he will immediately rid of it as he will keep a clean and smooth face instead of having a bushy beard or a moustache. Lastly, his skin is an olive green colour which he has managed to acquire over seas in hotter based countires.
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    Darius has a tremendous value and need for systems and organization, combined with his natural insightfulness, makes him an excellent theory person. It is not easy for him to express his internal images, insights, and abstractions. The internal form of Darius' thoughts and concepts is highly individualized, and is not readily translatable into a form that others will understand. However, he is driven to translate his ideas into a plan or system that is usually readily explainable, rather than to do a direct translation of his thoughts. He usually doesn't see the value of a direct transaction, and will also have difficulty expressing his ideas, which are non-linear. However, his extreme respect of knowledge and intelligence will motivate him to explain himself to another person who he feels is deserving of the effort.


    Old Times
    The year; nineteen forty-one. The date; March seventh. Fifty thousand British troops have been sent to Greece in order to keep balance and further the progress on the war. Companying those fifty thousand are two special troops were sent who were known as Primes, Private Fletcher and Private Johnson. One could replicate abilities while the other was able to transport through time. Why the two were chosen to go on this movement mission was unknown but all that they had in mind was vacation. They had both been together in the war for two years now and already they had gotten used to the deaths, the fighting, the surprises that this war held. They were both bored and all they wanted was some free time and yet they knew that the war would wait for no one.

    At least they would have a small amount of spare time on their hands, with the country being won over by the British troops they could relax while the rest of the world made plans for the country. Or at least they thought. The German troops had already began their plans to outflank and ambush the British troops whole they were distracted setting up their base and alerting the Greek, not to mention they would also need to search all German bases for vital information that could help contribute to the end of the war.

    The troops were spread across the country, some landing in major cities while others ship in at small secluded villages. Fletcher and Johnson were based at a small village inside of Greece along with ten other troop members who would help secure the village. The reason that so little members of troops were sent to the village was due to the fact that the village was reported to be "untouched" by the German army. They found this out to be a village which would be their location spot for the vacation. They managed to locate and secure the village within a week, some of the local villagers spoke Greek while others spoke a mixture of German and English, understandable as many began to grow scared and so they tried learning the languages of which the two sides spoke, English and German.

    All twelve troop members enjoyed there time for the past month, talking with the villagers, enjoying their festive moments. All was going well until the day that the village was truly revealed. During the night of the second month in the night, the troops were resting in their base while the German troops who were numbered at fifty managed to infiltrate the country and target the village to rid it of the name, The Untouched Village. The troops moved in a stealth fashion taking out any villagers who were out during the night, all guns had silencers attached making it that much harder to hear and locate the German's. The Nazi Soldiers began breaking into the villagers houses alerting the British troops who were close by. They all grabbed their weapons and charged towards the German Soldiers unaware of their numbers, all twelve except from Fletcher and Johnson. Fletcher was preparing the twos weapons, Johnson on the other hand was preparing to pause time and to take the soldiers out one at a time, but in order to do so they would need to go about the situation in a logical fashion. If they simply took all fifty troops out then the troops would be aware of their powers, so they would need to take them out one at a time. That is of course if they were not found...

    While Fletcher was preparing the weapons the Nazi soldiers had already marched into the base, both knew this and Johnson was already in the process of pausing time. However, due to him not being able to master his power he was having trouble to pause time, but due to Darius mastering many powers in the past such as Flying, Time Manipulation and Enhanced Speed, [Due to meeting others with Powers before.] he is able to mimic his Johnson's power and pause time within a second. Dropping the two weapons he moved over to Johnson to touch his right arm, his hand glowed in a a dark red colour signalling that the mimicking had taken place. Darius stood to face the German Soldiers only for them to begin spraying bullets at both of them. In shock he quickly squinted his eyes to then vanish in thin air. His eyes quickly re - opened to be placed in font of a street with shops, people and peace. A newspaper stand was set in front of a paper shop, he ran over to it with his now old fashioned army uniform worn. He picked up the paper to read the date of it. Two thousand and three. He had travelled through time, he had travelled sixty two years into the future. He was able to recognise the are as England, London as Big Ben, one of the worlds biggest clocks was over watching the capital city.

    He attempted to travel back to the attack, to try and save Johnson but he kept in mind what he was told about time travelling. Every time he travels from the present to the past or future he damages the time line forcing it to alter in a way that he could not imagine. It could either be good or bad and he would still not know. He soon gave up on the idea of travelling back in time, as he was greeted by two men who represented themselves as He was confused by who they were but was told that soon everything would make sense.

    After learning about what had happened, over the years he began learning new things about the world, trying to remember every single key point of history. He was guided through this by the helping hand of and also being able to meet the founder, Commander Courage. He was given the same name but was forced to learn a new history, a new family tree a new everything. He was finally able to go out into the new world, as a new person. He also took on the responsibility of being a hero for the world a person who is able to travel through time for the time being, as he journeyed the world stopping evil from happening he would eventually have to exchange his power for a new one. But for now the story goes on...

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    Oooh. An actually good name! Ain't that revolutionary, never seen one of those here. *no sarcasm intended*


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