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    Cheryl-Miss Marvelous _risa
    Picture of Risa from D.N.Angel.
    (Dark golden hair, lighter colored eyes. Otherwise that's her)

    Name:Cheryl Hyasha
    Superhero/villain Name:Miss Marvelous
    Powers:Cheryl has super-strength and the ability to fly. SuperStrength-When wanted, Cheryl can activate this power and uses it unconsciously sometimes to attack enemies. Her strength is greater than that of a Triceratops during a rage-attack, destroying cars easily and stopping planes with one hand mid flight. Flying-Normally she can soar to the upper layer of Earth's atmosphere before she cannot go higher. Unfortunately, she sometimes faints while up so high with the little oxygen and cold temperatures.
    Weakness:Lightning attacks, earth/fire based attacks

    AppearanceCheryl is short for her age, at about the height of a sixteen year old girl. However, that does not make her fat or chubby or whatever you call it. She is thin, though not skinny. Has slight proportion that confuses many enemies. One could say she is quite attractive, though when they first hear of her they expect her to be tall, needle-thin, and strict. Long dark golden hair comes all the way down to the small of her back, normally kept down, and bangs frame her soft face. Dark golden eyes accent her creamy skin, as do the headbands(Normally colorful) that are placed just above her bangs, giving her a youthful appearance. Normally wears a dark brown-splotched dress with white-squares on it that comes all the way down to her knees with 1-2 inch straps on her shoulders. Normally wears sandals or tennis shoes with thick soles to add to her height. Though she does sometimes wear the more serious outfit of a dark navy blue sweater over a white tee-shirt and a navy skirt and high-heels.

    CostumeBlack jacket with the sleeves cut off so that it looks like a tee-shirt, plus black pants and black boots. White lines on the collar and zipper of the top. Wears black sunglasses with heat sensors in the lenses. Wears hair in braid.

    PersonalityCheryl is a rather quiet girl, but by no means shy. In fact, she describes herself as out-going. Though sometimes coming off arrogant and distant, she is open and friendly to all she meets, even enemies, which her colleagues cannot fathom. In truth, she tricks opponents into underestimating her and attacks using either her powers or her impressive speed. Has a tendency to move extremely quietly, almost cat-like. The truth is she just expertly balances her weight in her body and has grown quite accustomed to it, doing it without realizing it sometimes. When asked why she is so quiet, she simply replies, "I'm thinking." Devoted to her job of maintaining the organization Hero.Com, this attribute gets in the way of her finding a man who has enough patience to date her, leaving her single.

    Due to her small size, she is not very strong, but with multiple blows and good aim, she could knock out an enemy without using her powers. Though, in the case of her getting angry, it's best not to let her get a hold of you;she'll clobber you with the extra strength gained from her rage-fueled adrenaline rush. Cheryl doesn't really care how she looks, mainly wearing a brown-splotched dress that comes down to her knees and some tennis shoes with thick soles to add to her small height, or a pink tee-shirt and jeans. She dislikes wearing her military uniform, thinking it too stiff for her.

    She is very loyal to friends and loved ones, though she can sometimes come across as annoying or arrogant in their presence. This stems from the fact that her older brother raised her in place of her parents, who were killed in an accident when she was a baby. Though appearing happy and bubbly on the outside, she is still grieving for her lost brother, and can break down if she thinks about him. Though she never does this in public so as to not worry her friends. One noticeable trait is her complete focus to whatever she is doing at the moment and ability to figure things out quickly.

    HistoryCheryl is the daughter of Captain Courage, thus inheriting his powers of flight and super-strength. She's always been short, so most of the neighbor kids called her "shorty" and "midget". She had an older brother by seven years, Alex, who raised her in place of her parents who were killed when she was but two years old. She mastered her powers easily with help from her brother, who had this job before her. She and her brother grew very close, to the point that one cold not be seen without the other anywhere. Unfortunately, Alex died in battle trying to protect her at the age of twenty seven, leaving her to take the job she has now. Watching her brother die trying to defend her fueled and hardened her desire to become stronger and protect the ones she loves at any cost.

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