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    Ragnarok Age (Unfinished cause my parents are serious butts. D:)

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    Ragnarok Age (Unfinished cause my parents are serious butts. D:) Empty Ragnarok Age (Unfinished cause my parents are serious butts. D:)

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    Name: Ragnarok "Jim Jam" Age
    Superhero/villain Name: Herr Kejser
    Alignment: Villian in the eyes of the law. Neutral in the eyes of him.
    Gender Male
    Age: 43
    Powers: Mind Control, Telekenisis- It only takes Raggeh a single thought to inflict the minds of any unsepecting person, or thing. He can maniplate anything with a brain. When he's done, his user is left with a daze, barely remembering what happened, almost like a dream. Though, his power has limitations. He struggles with those with an IQ over 165, and can't affect at all persons with that of 175 and over. He practices his powers, every day, though it's hard finding someon intelligent, he still finds someone to test on, and in that, gets better with his power, growing his range every day. His power with object manipulation, Telekenisis, is just as easy, if not easier. Lifting objects with his mind is much easier than trying to rule anothers twisted ones. He can lift an object of any size, but certain weights elude him. It seems that objects over, say, 8,000 tons can be a little difficult. But with this too, he practices, and practices, until he can get something of vast weight.

    Weakness: His weakness if a simple one, the love of his boar, Knughtzen, the animal he nearly treats like a member of the highest order. As well, he seeks to destroy anyone who tries to protest his command in anyway, almost like a dictator, though he can level himself, when needed. A third one is that of a blue braclet, one of those flexible ones. On seven of the stone squares is written: Blodbad. If this item were damaged or take in any way, he would go into a bought of rage and do the most extreme things to whoever had done it.

    Appearance Raggeh is a tall man, about 6' 4". He has short, red hair (he rarely keeps it black) that's curled on their tips. His hair is forever stuck that way, no matter how he wants to change it, and has been that way since he was about ten, thought then, it was longer. His eyes are dark, black, and cold, hard like rocks, filled with every negative emotion ever created, and then some. His muscles are slightly visible, and not plainfuly obvious, as he hates that look furiously, it was repulsive to him. On his right wrist he wears a stone braclet. One one side it's a shade of blue, and on the other, a shade of purple. The side of blue has three scratches on one of the stones, while the side of purple is unhindered. Both sides, however, say the same thing: Blodbad. He never changes the color from blue to purple, and he rarely takes off the trinket. On his right hand, there's a scar in the center of his hand that situated almost diagonoly.


    Personality Raggeh's personality is one that has changed over time. At the moment he is a cold man, one who could careless about the affairs or problems of another unless it somehow interferes with his command, or a project. He is not one took look lightly over failure, and for long, failure meant death, but this harshness was taken away when the world changed, and good help was harder to find. He has no dream of dominating the world, or the universe, or destroying a particular someone or something, he has come as high as he could, and would want to, he thought. A good villian knows when to stop. He thinks of almost everyone as a traitor, someone with a scheme, someone with a plan, someone wh will change something. In turn, he keeps his eye on everyone, keeping a check on each person, and using the influence of power and fear to learn exactly what he needed to. He kept more eyes on his own workers, colleage, and those of that nature, than he would anyone else, and on... certain persons of intrest, he's put a device or another, to monitor them specifically.

    Raggeh often comes up short when it comes to making a plan that was oh so... diabolical, and can sometimes be naive in the subject, repeating a past idea, or proposing something less practicle or needed in the subject. Whatever he comes up on his own are usually the smaller, "Don't ask, don't tell" errands. Underground markets, manipulation, theft, blackmail, all put together into one master system that keeps him, and the rest of the evil council on top, as well as whatever operation they may be carrying out. Thousands of men every day, doing something specific.

    This mastermind and what aspect and another, is one who enjoys nature to its fullest. The animals, the pictures of the heighest inquiry or insight, put up almost purposfully in their order. He often goes by himself, unguarded, unaccompanied, except for one, his boar, out in the wild wilderness that stands tall. His mind guiding his way through each part of it.

    Though, not because of his affiliation with nature, he becomes annoyed by technology. They were stupid things, he thought, powered only by another man's mind. It frustrates how he couldn't control these little things, especally when they make mistakes...

    History Ragnarok Age was born in København, Denmark, son to Alphonse and Gull Gulbrand. At this time he had hair of brown, just as his family did. Life, was normal. A mom, a dad. The parents went to work, he went to school, he had friends, he had bullies, as most kids did. He was kind and he was generous, helping others for noble reasons. The family seemed perfect, not a dent in them, and that's how it went for years, the same way, rarely changing in mood.

    When he was five, his mother became pregnant, and soon enough, had another child, a girl this time, by the name of Emilia. For months, Emilia was the center of everything. Everyone was endulged in her equaly, and everyone knew she'd be the perfect little girl, the perfect student, the nicest child, just as her brother, and their parents. They were all angels, oh yes. No one would say differently, except for few and little. And life went on...

    When he was eight, his sister started to call him RagnaROK JAM (as she spelled it). He was curious of the name, and only thought of it as short, but the name stuck, transforming into simply "ROK JAM" and then "Jammy" or "Jim Jam" or, though not as often, "Jammy Jim Jam". She was the only one who called him that, besides the occasional from his parents. Later that same year his sister came back from the store with their mother, and gave him a little braclet, with the word Bolbad on it. He was puzzled by it, and asked her if she knew what the word meant. She didn't, but said she picked it because she liked the word, and she thought it was funny. Boldbad translates to carnage.

    At the age of ten, Raggeh's father, Alphonse, was taken away by people whom the child had never seen and never knew, though their affiliation seemed to be known by both parents. The day, was tragic, full of yelling, screaming, and thrashing. Raggeh, nor his sister knew what was happening, as they were told to hide for reasons they did not know. So they hide, as they listened to the commotion that seemed to last forever. Filled with incoherent threats, yelling, ransacking. At one point, the two heard someone approach the door after Emilia started to cry, her sobs hard to quiet, but whoever it was was quickly stopped, and whatever was going on, continued. At one point, the struggles began to die down, and soon, all that was left was the sound of his mother's screaming, soon, she stopped as well. Silence fell upon the house, aside from the crying of Emilia, and it stayed like that for several minutes. Then the door to their little hiding spot was opened, and there stood their mother, tears streaming down her face, and the house a complete mess. Papers on the ground, bookshelves topples, broke glass everywhere. And the door, wide open with their father no where to be found...

    After this tragity, the family was thrown into grief. Gull, his mother, always seemed to be waiting for Alphonse, as if he'd just left for work. The mess of the house was left untouched, and even when Raggeh decided to try and clean up, his mother would scold him for it, telling him to leave everything as is, so his father would know that they didn't try to abandon him. He didn't get it, but he did not protest after that. She didn't pick up the glass until Raggeh fell onto the ground and got a large piece of glass stuck through his hand, scaring the boy. Neighbors and friends came and went, all giving apologies for their loss, but Gull would always yell at them all, claiming that Alphonse would be back any minute, and he wouldn't want to hear about that. She seemed to get angrier at them by the day, and soon, she prohibited them near the home. And life went on, like nothing happened, everyone was happy for the day. And that was the problem, life went on, and Gull found that to be a cruel gesture of hate. She questioned why everyone could be so joyus on such dark days, why no one mourned for this time. She seemed to dig deeper into insanity every day...

    They lived like this for years, his mother still waiting, the family thrown into isolation. The children were no longer allowed to go to school. His mother never went out for food or clothing, or to pay a bill. Ragnarok was the one who went out for food with money, and to make sure the water and electricity kept flowing through the house. He wasn't allowed to talk or look at his own friends, the ones he hadn't seen in ages. It was a wonder to everyone outside that house, how this could happen in three years.

    Over this time, when the boy was eleven, he realized his lucky streak was rising, though, not in a way too important. Whenever he looked at someone and thought of them doing something, they did it! It was amazing! He had never done it before, he felt, powerful in a way. He recalled on days following, that this had happened to him before, around when he was five. He would ask his parents for acookie or something in his head, and he got one! Some of the time, it didn't work most of the time, but he really had it goin' on his friends! He'd think of them doing something crazy, and they did it! At that moment he realized, he wasn't lucky, he was a predictor! The Predictor! Oh yeah! And he'd totally brag about it to all his friends and try it on them... if he could. He could only play with his sister and his mother.

    Things only got worse in their little home. Gull seemed to go deeper and deeper into her own world, looking for someone to blame, and she blames them, Ragnarok and Emilia. They were the reason Alphonse was taken away, they were the reason he'd been gone for three years, them. If they had been better children, he wouldn't have left. She had become strange. She told herself every day that Alphonse had become angry and left because of the kids, trying to help herself. It didn't work, it only made her worse. A month later she had yelled and scolded Ragnarok and Emilia, starting to hit them and punish them, simply because they reminded her too much of Aplphonse. The same thing went on for months, Ragarok trying to protect his sister to no avail. And then on a day unordinary to the family, Gull had gone, left the house. She left for four days, not coming back to the house, leving Raggeh and Emilia alone in the putrid mess of the house. When she returned, she returned with hair dye, taking both of the children and dying every single spot on their body that hardored a single strand of their brown hair to black. Then she put two, white, plain, emotionless masks on their faces. This way she'd never see Alphonse again, and she could live happily.

    That too, was unsuccessful.

    Gull soon began to become sad, stressful, crying everytime she looked at the two. She said they were trying to hide from her and to distance themselves because they blamed her for the loss of their father. She constantly pleaded to them, and tried to give them the best, and the nicest things, to please them. These gifts were not to be treasured. They were used evilly. On every night at the same time, she would grabs the gifts and the toys and use every single one of them to inflict pain on the two children, for being "the spawn of demons and devils, sent to torture her in her sleep and every waking moment". Ragnarok thought, at one point, that if they took off the masks then they wouldn't seem so alien to her, and she'd stop destoying herself with tears. The plan went sour, because she became angry quickly, forcing him to put it back on, and this time, straping it to noth their head to the point wear it would cause pain to try and take it off or move it. That night she beat them twice as hard.

    Ragnarok had become almost the full cener of attention of his mother. He was the boy, who looked most like his father, and he constantly got in the way of his sister's punishments. He had become a prime target, and was attacked for reasons he didn't know. Though he was almost as tall as his mother, and stronger than her because of all thework she put them through, he could have easily overpowered him, but he dared not to touch her, not in the slightest way. Fear was the only thing keeping them inside of that house.

    The next year, their insane tormenter had hatched another idea into her head. That day she took their masks away and discarded them out in there backyard. They had become too small for their faces, and had caused them pain to wear them, but now they were gone, but for what? They were too afraid to think about it. Their mother looked happy, and whenever that occured, then she was going to bring them worse suffering. She had come again with hair dye, this time, of a different color. An orange color. She was going to turn them all into red-heads.

    And Gull did just that. Every haired part of their body, dyed into the seemingly natural color, she even died her own hair. Confusion was strung through the house as the woman went through her little plan. She started calling them by different names, saying weird things, like they lived in Canada, and they had a dog named Scooter. It was strange, very strange. It took Ragnarok three days to figure out what she'd done. She'd created some new reality, changed their names, their whole family, and where they lived. Ragnarok was Jeffery, Emilia was Abby, and she was Michaela. Their last name was now Smith, and they lived a happy life in Canada. At the moment, their father, Aaron, was off in Japan on business.

    She changed their lifestyles, and then changed their personalities. She said "Jeffery" was athletic and played every sport, while "Abby" was into Fine Arts, and was going to get her Masters in it, and become an esteemed artist. Ragnarok hadn't played a sport past soccer and Emilia thought paintings were only good in books and needed for nothing else.

    Months went by as they took up their new Canadian life in Denmark. Their mother began to do things that worried Ragnarok. She had started to actually leave the house, getting grocieries and such, and she cleaned up the house too, but, when she left, she'd come back late, very late, and usually drunk of intoxicated in any other way. Sometimes she would come back with some random man and fornicate within the living room area, forcing the two kids to stay in there as well.

    These occurances seemed to happen everyday, maybe even sooner and the night. The only good thing about this was that they were no longer abused as often. As these days became more frequent, his mother became sick. She was less active, and Ragnarok and Emilia did everything they could to get her well, but she stayed that way. In a few weeks, it had become evident, their mother was pregnant, again, with an unknown child from an unknown man somewhere in Canada, Denmark.

    Ragnarok was excited, and yet scared. He liked the prospect of another sibling, but, he was afraid that his mother would ruin the child's life, or kill it before it took it's first breath. He had to stay with her, and he was going to until he could make that child safe. But this plan was not going to go the way he wanted to...

    Their mother had become slower as she got bigger, but she'd also become fiercer, and more submerged in her insanity. In the middle of the day, the woman had declared her war with the "devils that loitered in her home". She no longer wanted them to lodge in her home, and sent them out. Saying that the two were not hers, and instead a spawn of hate and infatuation, and that the child she bore now needed to be protected from their sins.

    Ragnarok had thought that she was just in another one of her 'bouts, and she'd let them in the next day, as she always did. And that was what they did, the two came back the next day, trying to get themselves back into the house. When she saw the she yelled curses at them, threatening them and such. They thought she was just stuck in her mood, she'd get better the next day, right? So they went back, thinking they'd be let back into the house, but they weren't. Instead, with anger filled speed, their mother grabbed Emilia and pulled her into the house, shutting Raggeh out. He didn't know what happened, couldn't know, he just heard his sister's frightened screams as he banged on the door, begging for her back, crying at the thought of the loss of his sister to the hands of a crazed woman. Oh, and he got her back, though, when he saw her again she had a long cut on her cheek. And they left, frightened ans sadened, afraid for their lives at that moment. But again, Ragnarok came back, just on more time, by himself. He couldn't leave the house, not with that tyrant alone with the unborn child, could he?

    This time, the visit was, more chilling than the last. His mother had done something horrible, something he couldn't believe she'd do. She had taken the knife and carving into her own stomach: Contention. He knew the baby was dead, he just knew it. She'd basically cut herself open and just let the blood drain from her like a fountain. How could she do something so cruel? So... dasterdly!It was a horror to behold. It frightened him, she frightened him, and even more when she pulled out the very knife she used for the task, and a demented grin came across her face. And then, she stabbed him in the shoulder and closed the door, leaving him the memory with the last sight of her.

    And now, at fourteen, his sister nine, the two were homeless and abandoneed alone in a world and a place they barely knew anything about.

    Ragnarok and Emilia walked the streets of København, trying to find sturdy places to stay, find food, keep themselves safe. For a year that was what they did, until they ran into a group of children in perdicaments horrily different fom their own. Each child was about the age a fifteen or older, up to no good, and they, on that night, were a target.

    It was theft they were after, trying to steal whatever they had, which wasn't much, but they wanted it. It was, one boy they saw first, he was the one who they saw, alone without the other group of boys that he was accompanied with. It didn't take much to get rid of this boy. The boy only had fists, while he had a knife once used to inflict pain on him. He didn't kill the boy, but he managed to get him to leave with good wounds on his body.

    And that's what started the problem with these boys. It was one, but then came two, and three, getting harder every time, especially with having to protect his sister as well. He had no esperience with a knife or any type of weapon yet, only with his fists and his feet, but he never had much practice. It seemed like it was the end when seven of those tougher boys came, finding him when he thought he'd hidden himself the best, they were relentless, all of them. They had overpowered him that day, and taken he and his sister somehwere they didn't know.

    There they met the leader of this group called De Fem, though, Ragnarok did not get the name, it didn't seem to make much sense to him. The leader's name was Adolf, he was stout and he looked like a very agressive person, but he was not, actually. He was smart as well, and impressed with what Ragnarok had done, so, he invited him into the group, where he and his sister could learn how to defend themselves, how to steal, how to trick, how to manipulate, how to get around, what to do and not, and even some school teachings as well. And that was were the two spent the next years of their life.

    At the age of seventeen, Ragnarok had accomplished a lot in De Fem. He had become the "right-hand-man" of Adolf, almost. He and his sister were one of the better teams in the group. He was the one that brought in the cash, the one that lead everyone on the ins and outs of each plan, his sister, she was the one with all of the ideas. Even at twelve she could come up with a scheme that brought a good source of income to ever person playing in the game. Though, everyone owed Adolf 70% of anything brought in, they still had enough spending money for themselves.

    It was at this time that Ragnarok started to actually acknowledge his powers. Before, he thought them as neat little tricks that he just happened to pull of, but then, he started to think into it. There had to be an easier way to get some money, that's what he was trying to figure out. He wished that getting money from someone could be as easy as looking at them and asking them for it. That's when he remembered his past times, and he, humoring himself with happy nostalgia, which he had so little of, decided to give it another go. He felt like an idiot doing it, but he discovered it still happened. Whenever he thoguht it, they did it, it was, odd, he thought it was pure coincedence. So then he thought of things he knew the members of the little gang of sorts would never do. He asked them to give him their money, their shares, almost everything they had, and they did.

    He was astound by this discovery, delighted! He could... control people, it seemed, and in groups too! He felt like he could control anything, anyone! But he said nothing, and kept his controling to a managable, explainable, minimum. All the while he began hatching an idea in his mind...

    When he grew to nineteen, a plan of escape was made, a plan of escape from Denmark, a place holding grief. Memories of terror had begun to attack Emilia like a crazed animal, and he had to stop it. He wanted to leave this place now. He had something of an education now, since he had begun going to school in secret when he became sixteen, so he knew enough to get by. Enough not to get swindled. So, he proposed to his sister that they leave the place of pestilence, and go to South America, where they could start with new air. His sister agreed, but with doubt. Ragnarok's plan began.

    First, in secret, he got himself an ID and a passport, a curius one, as he looked rather odd with hair both orange and brown, since the two kept up their dying for reasons all their own, they recently began to let the color grow out and bring back their more natural hair. After he obtained one he told his sister to go roam the streets for soemthing she might want to bring back with her. While she was out, he gathered every member in their little hideout, including the Adolf, and commanded each and every one of them, with a single thought, to kindly donate their money to him so they could easily leave. They did so, and what luck was it that they hadn't stored their money somewhere, or had just gotten back from stealing some as well. He took clothes, and food too. After his fun he booked the ride to South America, which he had more than enough for. The next day the two were gone from the country without a word, becoming and leaving behind, memories.

    The first thing Ragnarok and Emilia did when they got to Ecuador was find themselves a person to teach them how to speak Spanish and Portugese. As they learned they bought themselves a proper home. Within months they learned the language fluently. But of course, they soon learned that you need a job in Guayaquil, Ecuador, or your not going to end up in the best spot. They couldn't afford a house and bills, and a school with the problems of that, so they needed someway to get money. Idea after idea came up, and soon the final decision came to this, prostitution.

    His sister had proposed it. She said she'd do it, and they'd make money for it. Ragnarok refused the idea, the safety of his sister was too great for him to put at risk like that, but she persisted, and he finally gave, but only on the condition that he go with her. And that was their source of income for the next year.

    It was on a night that things went rotten. He had left his sister, just for a second to do something he couldn't even remember, but when he got there, trouble was there. Two men where there with her, one held her, and the other one carried a gun. Before he could do anything the man, whom he didn't know, nor could see clearly had shot her, killing her on the spot for reasons he did not know. He became outraged. He used his power of Mind Control, as he soon realized he had, and forced the man with the gun to kill the other and then finally kill himself.

    The death of his sister sent Ragnarok into depth of depression that he did not recognize. It seemed like he cried forever about her, refusing to leave the home over it. He could feel himself falling into a state much like his mother's. He didn't want to fall into a reutine such as that, he was too afraid to. During this time a struggle, he discovered another power. Telekinesis. It was amazing, and started a long idea that slowly came to his mind. To help himself break out of his closing shell, he got into the business of trade, something he found to be important to the economy of the city, and he saw he could make a living with that, and he continued with that for years...

    At twenty-seven, he made his own business. He hired men to send products in and out of the country, such as wool and produce in and out of the country. These items were supplied by an agricultural company called Economía Verde. Along with this wholesome business he had more secretive works. He ran shady businesses working through criminals all around, hired to work for his own little errands. Thefts, underground schemes, and the destruction of key rival businesses, as well as assasinations, and one, large ring around Guayaquil, raising his income. This secretive work made him have to move from place to place, but now, he needed to move out of the country on very important business.

    Ragnarok left on the aliby of starting a new branch and chain over in America, which he did, as well as fix important business, seeing to the signing of deals and agreements such as that for human traffiking, as well as others. Five years later he moved to Canada, making a branch in that country, as well as his own dark business in black markets and such. He also started yet another company, this one provided firearms forn hunting an other business that involves the licensing of guns for any reasons.

    Metals were supplied from whatever gang or colleage that he could get to do it. In turn, he supplied them with a gun or two for their own exploits, but, because of his own little influence, they paid him monthly for his supply. He moved from Canada to Europe and all it's countries, back to South America, to Autrailia, Russia, Thailand, everywhere. Each place harboring a business or scheme, each one supplying the needs for anything, except for those that dealt with funiture or fashion of any type ot TV entertainment, as he couldn't be bothered to control such umimportant mess. Instead, he simply invested in those companies.

    He had a house in every country it seemed, all reserved for himself or someone of importance, should he need to go back, or lend it to this person or that to get his way. He was a rich, powerful mastermind of business. Every company, every gang and scheme and project all seemed to work together in a cycle that raised his income every day.

    While Ragnarok was in the graceful age of forty when he started to contemplate the set of his life. He was... lonely, a lonely man stuck in a world of business. As he thought about it, he had nothing to break him away from his work. All of his friends were tools in his scheme. He didn't even trust the genuine ones. He started to contemplate putting someone in his life. A companion! But he didn't want a dog or a cat, or a rabbit or a ferret, or a mouse or a rat, or a bird of a hamster, he wanted something else. Nothing extreme like a tiger, he wanted something he could connect with. He wanted a pig. Those stout little stubborn things. And then they were just fun! No, not a pig, a boar! Their more wild ancester of their demestic counterparts. One of those strong animals at his side would be perfect! He did his research on the animal, he'd get one soon.

    In this year he had more important matters to attend to. He had started to hear things. Things about people with powers and such, like he did, only some downloaded them off the internet and some didn't. He didn't know, he wasn't paying that much attention. What he really cared about was this... Council of Evil. It sounded interesting. They were people who had control of this little... power downloading site thing. They managed all of these other "villians", having them doing jobs and such for them, and trying to stop these other people who were actually good but they downloaded the powers to... or something. They all sounded to be in the same boat.

    Ragnarok's ambitions seemed to sky rocket then. Who was to say he couldn't take control of this rarely known group of havoc baring humans? Who said? All it took was busy planning. He couldn't just walk in, he'd have to do this another way. For a year he planned just exactly how he'd do it, all of the while making new "friends" and bringing himself to a higher, more known status. He expanded his buisiness and acquired more workers from any willing gang he could care less about. He acquired more information from many people of many affiliations.

    At fourty-one, he completed his plan. First he sent men to the island, to cause some type of distraction or another, he assumed it would have something to do with a gun or two. When given the information of the arrival onto the island, he got one of his employed men. This one, by the name of Garson, had the power to Teleport. Whether downloaded or inherited, he did not know. Either way, the lad sent him to the isolated place in miliseconds. The sensation was something Ragnarok did not like. But, with whoever being hopefuly preoccupied by whatever hooplah was being cause wherever, in a spot he could not hear from his position. He walked building holding the leader of this place, it was surprisingly easy. Either he didn't believe in protection, or his men were very good at their job and needed professional positions.

    When he confronted the leader, whom was named a name he could not remember, he was surprised, it was... incredibly easy. The woman had some fire power or another, and he honestly thoguth he'd be incinerated in seconds, but it took a simple look and a thought to take control of the simple-minded lady, forced her to revoke her title and hand it to him on semi-official terms. The task took two days, but he prevailed in his little... take over. The woman died the next day on "unknown" circumstances.

    Ragnarok spent months and into the next year adjusting to his new position and fixing the problems of the systems, making things more efficient and managable. At a time, a month after his fourty-second birthday, he recieved wind of something. It was new about some God foresaken baby who had intelligence that surpassed his age or something absurd like that. He didn't believe it, and he ignored it for a good time, he assumed it was that the baby could... he didn't know... tie it's shoes and he didn't want to waste his time. But then the news became nagging, so he dropped his things and strode to Japan to see this "brilliant" baby, or kill whoever wasted his time.

    It was his second time in Japan so he could probably have gotten some benefit out of it. So he checked this little infant to see exactly what these people where talking about. So he checked out the crappy little orphanage of the terrible little street to see the boy do stuff with puzzles and such. Either he was really bored or he just wasn't that smart, oh, and he did say a thing or two, but Ragnarok didn't stay around long enough to actually see anything of importance. So he left with a rage, but the next day those council members took the baby because he escaped the orphanage or.. something of that sort. Well, if he was smart enough to leave that place then maybe there was a brilliance about him, or maybe not. He simply asked them to figure it out and report anything important. And since he was so smart he'd obviously know how to cooperate, and if he didn't, then kill him, why not? If you kidnap a baby you might as well follow through.

    Oh, but of course they didn't. By the time he got wind of anything the infant was gone, and they were all left dumbfounded, the idiots. So he had them all killed for their stupidity and insubordination. He stayed in Japan though, and while there he looked into those boars again. He knew they were many in Japan, so he called and ordered a shipment of one of the healthies, most promising boars they could find. It took a while, but they did. It was one of the younger ones, though, it still didn't have it stripes, it was in good shape. He named his new pet Knughtzen, and after his term in the highly advanced country, he went back to the little islands, to get his new familiar acquainted to the new place.

    The rest is here and now...


    Not all information is accurate due to the fact that the creator is a lazy bum.

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