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    Name: Kisho Saga(Keesh-o
    Superhero Name: Tanuki
    Alignment: Neither

    Appearance Kisho Saga Untitl10
    Kisho isn't huge, but he's not small. He stands at about 5" 8'. He is medium built, weighing in at 154 lbs. He's underweight, but he just can't seem to gain the weight.
    Costume(Even the greatest of heroes need a fancy costume.)
    Kisho Saga Sly_Cooper_Collab_by_Kabocha24Ok, I know. Just imagine him without the raccoon features and wearing black pants.
    Personality Kisho is sly and quick. He loves the night time because that's when he go out and start his night job. Kisho is a thief, a master thief that loves to steal. He is often found climbing into someone's house with his agile body performing some nimble act. When he isn't stealing, he is hanging out with his friends and defending them to the death. Always getting into fights and brawling with outsiders caused him to learn how to fight. He loves to just sit around and have a good laugh with his friends, ditching school and heading down to the old neighborhood to go and lift snacks at the local corner store. He isn't evil and has no wish to harm anyone for no reason. He only fights in self-defense and would never kill another human being.

    Origin When he was 10, his friends told him about the site. So he checked it out, after finding out how much it costed, he gathered the amount by lifting things off greedy supercenters and sold them on the street. He bought his own powers as being able to be a master thief, being able to pick any lock and get past any alarm system.
    History Kisho grew up on the rough streets of Tokyo, in the poor neighborhoods. Being a normal kid with little neccessities, he resorted to stealing at a young age. He was often caught, then punished by his father by being beat. It never bothered him because he would always go back to it, he go better at stealing though and became a good theft. He was able to rip a store off at least $150 dollars in one trip, at the least. He often gave the money away after getting what he needed. He was a C student, just barely passing. He knew all the right answers and how many questions he needed to get right so he got only the number of answers he needed right and then purposely got the others wrong. He didn't want publicity. He hates being the center of attention and is usually in the back of the room, hanging around with his friends when he is in school.
    When he was 11, he left. He left his run down home and sneaked into an elderly woman's house. She was often gone, at the hospital or at a relative's house. She was hard of hearing and virtually blind. She lived alone with three cats and a dog who now completely trust him. He lives in her basement, fixing it up and dressing it so that it had wooden floors with carpeted walls and an awesome dragon mural on his ceilings. It holds a dragon for each element, an green earth dragon, a blue water dragon, a red fire dragon, and a white light dragon along with a black darkness dragon creating a yin-yang in the center. All on a yellow backdrop. He has anything he could possibly want, all bought with money he made off of stealing or things he had stolen and kept for himself. He wanders where ever he wants along with his raccoon companion he found roaming around the garbage at the back of his old house. He named the male raccoon Kopper, on account of his copper yellow eyes. This raccoon is his stealing mate, hiding in his backpack in the day time, snatching anything he can get his paws on and sitting on his pal's shoulder during the night shift.
    Kisho stole himself a double edged cane in one of his heists as he broke into a whittling store. He uses to climb anything and it comes in handy when he has to face someone one on one. As his sole weapon, he keeps it in his hands at all times as he jumps from roof to roof on his night raids.

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